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Little is known about Louis Attiya  Allah (nick name). According to his accent and since most of the rancor from Attiya  Allah is directed against the Saudi government, it is assumed that he is of Saudi origin.

Attiya  Allah writings have appeared on the Internet since The 9/11, and since the killing of Yusef al-Ayeri, in 05/2003, in Saudi Arabia, Attiya  Allah became, probably, the most popular of Al Qaeda’s ideologues.

In 12/2003, in an interview in The Voice of Jihad, Attiya  Allah stated: “Regarding the Al-Muhaya Bombings, it can be claimed that the house of Salul* (Saudi royal family) had some media success in portraying the battle as the killing of Muslims, and in inciting some against the Mujahideen. But this effect is temporary and will disappear if, for example, the Mujahideen strike another blow in America. Then sympathy will return to what it was in the past, and may even increase.”

On Tuesday 04/18/2006, another message from Attiya  Allah was posted in Jihadi websites titled “Lessons from al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the Art of Slapping the Americans”.

On 06/08/2006 Attiya  Allah confirmed, on behalf of Al Qaeda, the death of Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq a day earlier.

Since late 2006 Attiya  Allah appeared more and more in As-Sahab audio and video messages distributed on the web as one of the prominent Al Qaeda spokesmen.

Today (09/2009) Attiya Allah is somewhere in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan and is one of the announcers of Al Qaeda’s media branch – As-Sahab.–

* Salul -A highly derogatory term used by Islamists for the Saudi royal family, the house of Saud. The term is derived from Abdallah bin Ubay ibn Salul, considered in Islam to be the leader of the hypocrites.


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