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In 1978, Sheikh Mubarak  Ali Gilani, a Pakistani citizen, was born, Probably, in the late 40’s. He published An introduction to Quranic psychology, which detailed his theories about using the Quran and religious observance to cure certain mental disorders.

In 1980, Mubarak  Ali Gilani, who has had long-standing connections with senior ISI officials, arrived to USA to preach in Brooklyn Al Farook Mosque. He founded the Jamaat al-Fukra and the Muslims of the Americas Organization – MOA.

In 1983 he published his translation of the Rauza-Tus-Safa, an influential 15th Century history on the origins of Islam. Mubarak  Ali Gilani returned to Pakistan in the late 90s’. In Pakistan he affiliated his group, the Jamaat al-fukra, to Jaish-e-Mohammed.

On 01/23/2002, Daniel Pearl was on his way to an interview with Sheiks Mubarak  Ali Gilani in Karachi, Pakistan, when he was kidnapped by an ephemeral group which called itself “The National Movement for the Restoration of PAkistani Sovereignty”.

Sheik Mubarak  Ali Gilani was arrested by Pakistani police in the northern city of Rawalpindi and transported to Karachi, State Department officials said. At least a dozen of his followers have also been detained. He was, subsequently, released.

Today (09/2009) Mubarak  Ali Gilani is living in Lahore, Pakistan.


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