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One of the three plotters arrested recently (09/2009) in USA over mega terror plots is a convert to Islam-Michael Finton. He is the last of a long list of converts who affiliated themselves to the Global Jihad and created a trend in the home grown Islamic terror in USA as well as in other Western Democracies.

The list began with people like Clement Rodney Hampton and Earl Grant, who were involved in the Day of Terror plot in New York, in 1993. It went on with John Walker Lindh, who was captured in Qala-i-Jangi, Afghanistan in 11/2001 and Jose Padilla, and ended with the Raleigh Plot and the Riverdale Plot. All together less then 100 USA converts citizens affiliated themselves to Global Jihad over the last 10 years (see – U.S Converts).

From all the plots planned by coverts to Islam, in USA, only Hassan Akbar materialized his intention when he killed two fellow soldiers in Kuwait, on 03/23/2003.

According to CNN, on 04/07/2007, about 1.5 millions Americans converted to Islam in the past decades and that a quarter of the 6 millions American Muslims are converts. According to the Arab newspaper based in London Al-Hayat from 11/11/2001 about 34,000 Americans converted to Islam in USA in the two months since The 9/11.

A large number of converts changed their faith in USA jails. Since much of the Islamic activity, such as building Mosques, financing Imams and lectures in Islam is supported in USA by Saudi Arabia, it is also most likely that Islamic activity in USA detention system is also supported, at least indirectly, by Saudi Arabia too. It must be mentioned that only a handful of many thousands who converted to Islam in the prison system of USA really turned to terror, the others were less likely to return to jail and more likely to rehabilitate themselves and to become normative and useful citizens in the USA.  

Converts, especially those who are engaged in radical Islamic activities, are attracting much attention to themselves, and are, relatively, easy to be traced by the law enforcement apparatuses in USA. Indeed the damage they did to USA, absolutely and relatively to any other outlaw activity in USA, such as drug trafficking, money laundering, organized crime, bribe and gangs violence is totally negligible. So are the sources designated to fight terror originated from Muslim converts in USA. 
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