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* Aleem  Nasir was born in Pakistan in 1962. Aleem  Nasir, a trained mechanical engineer, moved to Germany from Pakistan in 1987, married a German woman and became a German citizen. 

Aleem  Nasir used to travel often to FATA area in Pakistan, allegedly looking for special kinds of stones located specifically there. The German and Pakistani intelligence suspected that his interest in stones was a cover for him to transfer thousand of Euros, since 1999, to Islamic militant organization fighting in Kashmir and to Al Qaeda who is well rooted in South Waziristan. In his voyages Aleem  Nasir used several nick names like Ziad ud-din Punjabi and many others.

Aleem  Nasir has been on a German watch list since co-workers at an energy research institute reported that right after The 9/11 he predicted terrorist strikes in Germany. Months later, Aleem  Nasir was fined after threatening a police officer who he said derided the Prophet Muhammad. “If you were in Pakistan, I might kill you if you are abusing the prophet,” Mr. Nasir said he told the officer. Soon Aleem  Nasir lost his job in Germany and he decided to return to Pakistan, in mid 2002. 

Aleem  Nasir remained in close contact with Radical Islamists in Germany. His close confidant, Dr. Yehia Yousif, used to raise money for the cause of Jihad and to travel, from time to time, to Pakistan in order to deliver the money through Aleem  Nasir .  

In 2003, Aleem  Nasir split with the Lashkar-e-Toiba – LeT, after the Pakistani government ordered the LeT to stop directly supporting the Jihad in Afghanistan. The LeT had to comply with this order, especially after its leader, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, was put under house arrest. When Aleem  Nasir visited Hafiz Saeed in his home, he was angry to learn that the LeT was no longer directly supporting the Jihad (the Afghan Taliban and Al-Qaeda), but was using the funds raised abroad, including the money he delivered, for buying property and cars. Aleem  Nasir contacted directly in Wana, South Waziristan, Al Qaeda leaders to coordinate with them methods of raising and transferring money.    

In mid 2003 Aleem  Nasir returned to Germany. According to the Bosnian Nihad Cosic, a former member of the el-Mujahideen unit in Bosnia, all money received by Al Qaeda from Europe was transferred to, and deposited in a bank called Bayt al-Mal (House of Money) in Jani Khel, Pakistan. The money could be released on Osama Bin Laden’s direction only, and it was Mustafa Abu al-Yazid who executed it. 

In 01/2007, in his third trip to Pakistan on behalf of Al Qaeda since 2003, Aleem  Nasir met with Al Qaeda military chief Khalid Habib and brought with him rifle sights, a laptop, binoculars, several night vision devices, a device to detect bugs and a directional microphone to intercept conversations at a distance. Aleem  Nasir also met, probably, with the local -IJU leader Najmiddin Jalolov.

In Germany Aleem  Nasir managed to recruit three local Muslims for the cause of Global Jihad : Omer Ozdemir, Bekkay Harrach, and convert Rene Marc Sepac, who used the alias Muhammad Ali.

After his fourth trip to Pakistan, Aleem  Nasir was arrested at Allama Iqbal airport Lahore, on 06/08/2007, before boarding a flight back to Germany, by the Pakistani intelligence –ISI.

On 08/21/2007 a Pakistani court ordered to return Aleem  Nasir his passport so he could proceed to Germany. 

In Germany Aleem  Nasir was arrested in Frankfurt immediately after his arrival, on 08/22/2007. The German prosecution had trouble to use evidence from his interrogation in Pakistan because they were obtained, allegedly, through the use of torture, at least by German standards, although Germany had evidence of the close connection between Aleem  Nasir and the Ramstein Plot perpetrators.

On 07/13/2009, despite his close relations to Al Qaeda, Aleem  Nasir was sentenced, in Germany, to 8 years in jail. He cooperated partially with authorities and helped to identify German and Austrian citizens who joined Al Qaeda and its proxies such as Abdulrahmen H.  Abdulrahmen H was born in Mödling, Lower Austria, in 1983. He and four others had trained as para-militaries at “Mir Ali” camp, an Al Qaeda camp in Pakistan, from 08-10/2005. Abdulrahmen H had been killed, eventually, along the Afghan-Pakistani border. 

Aleem  Nasir case is a perfect example of the degree of coordination and affiliation between Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba –LeT and the “Islamic Jihad Union” group -IJU, of Uzbekistan. He also provided crucial evidence that, in 2007, the headquarters of Al Qaeda was well functioning on Pakistani soil and under Pakistani sovereignty.
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