Dr. Yehia Mohamed Yousif, was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on 04/09/1958 and holds Egyptian citizenship. Dr. Yehia Yousif is alleged to have been a member of the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad in the 70’s while he was still a student, after the assassination of President Anwar Sadat. on 10/06/1981, Dr. Yehia Yousif spent several months in prison for his membership in the Muslims Brotherhood.

 Dr. Yehia  Yousif came to Germany from Egypt in 1988. He received his Doctorate in Medicine in 1994 at the University of Freiburg. In 1992 Dr. Yehia Yousif met for the first time a fellow Egyptian expatriate Reda Seyam, who had become, under the impression of the war in the Balkan and especially in Bosnia, more religious and had a strong influence on Dr. Yehia Yousif himself. Dr. Yehia Yousif became one of the most influential preachers on the German Islamic scene.
Dr. Yehia Yousif charisma made him appealing to young Muslims, including converts. Beginning in 2001, he formed a group of followers at the Multi Kultur Haus – MKH in Neu-Ulm, in the south of Germany.

Among Dr. Yehia Yousif’s followers were the young men from what later became known as the Sauerland Cell and committed the Ramstein Plot.

When Aleem Nasir stayed in Pakistan, in the years 2002-3, Dr. Yehia Yousif was his representative and confidant in Germany, and through his group at the Multi Kultur Haus in Neu-Ulm he raised money, which was transferred through couriers to Pakistan.

Soon after legal proceedings were launched against the MKH and its spiritual mentor, following the failed Ramstein Plot, in 09/2007, and in order to avoid prosecution, Dr. Yehia Yousif returned to Egypt.

With the help and direction of Aleem Nasir Dr. Yehia Yousif’s son, Omar Yousif, went, in those years, through military training in a Lashkar-e-Toiba camp in Pakistani Kashmir, in summer 2001, prior The 9/11. After training in Kashmir, Omar Yousif attended another training camp in Indonesia. Omar Yousif  was arrested in Germany on 11/30/2004 and deported back to Egypt on 06/17/2005.
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