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Rene  Marc Sepac,who used the alias Muhammad Ali, is a German native who converted to Islam andwas recruited, in the Islamic Culture Center Bremen, by Aleem Nasir, sometime in 2005-6, to the cause of Global Jihadalong withBekkay HarrachandOmer Ozdemir.

Rene  Marc Sepac traveled to Pakistan with Aleem Nasir in 06/2007. In Pakistan Rene  Marc Sepac was selected by an Al Qaeda agent, Abdullah  Azzam al-Saudi, to travel to Tehran, Iran, in order to establish a connection with a certain Yaseen al-Suri (the Syrian) for the purpose of setting up a travel route between Germany and Pakistan. Since Yaseen al-Suri never showed up, Rene  Marc Sepac returned to Germany. Consequently Rene  Marc Sepac was denied a new passport in 2008 and remains in Germany.

There are reasons to believe that Rene  Marc Sepac was sent by Al Qaeda to Tehran also in order to check his loyalty to Al Qaeda and whether he can be trusted. In the eyes of Al Qaeda they head reasons to assume that Rene  Marc Sepac could be an informant for the German Intelligence.

* According to the Danish tabloid ‘Ekstra Bladet’, on Monday 10/25/2010, an unnamed German police officer said that Rene  Marc Sepac, along with his 23-year-old sister Vivian, was among 8 people charged in Germany, on Monday 10/18/2010, with supporting Islamic militarism, spreading Jihadi propaganda on the Internet and aiding a terrorist group.

 The German prosecutor’s office said the suspects belong to the German chapter of the Global Islamic Media Front -GIMF- and attempted to lure recruits to Al Qaeda with online propaganda between 08/2006 and 03/2008. 

During 2009 Lors Doukaiev, the Copenhagen bomber, visited at least once the radical Al-Furkan Mosque in the Groepelingen area of Bremen, in northeastern Germany and was in touch with Rene  Marc Sepac, who preaches at the Mosque (see – Copenhagen 09.10.10 ). 


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