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It is perhaps one of the more dangerous jobs in the world to be an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general. Yesterday, Sunday 10/18/2009, two Generals: The deputy commander of the Guards’ ground force, General Noor Ali Shooshtari, and the Guards’ chief provincial commander, Gen. Rajab Ali Mohammadzadeh, were among six top officers killed in a suicide attack in South East Iran, in Baluchistan (see – Pisheen Bombing).

Already on 01/09/2006 a small military Fallcon jet crashed in northwestern Iran, in Oroumieh, located 800 km North West of the capital, Tehran, killing 12 people: the commander of the ground forces of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Gen. Ahmad Kazemi and at least 8 other top officers of the force.  The incident occurred after two weeks earlier, on 12/06/2005, 115 Revolutionary Guards were killed when a military transport plane crashed into a 10-story apartment building near Tehran’s Mehrabad airport.

A week ago, on Monday 10/12/2009, American troops boarded in Suez Canal a German-owned freighter, Hansa-IndIa, and found eight containers full of ammunition and anti tank missiles, heading from Iran to Syria.

On 10/07/2009 Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the USA is behind the disappearance of the Iranian atom scientist, Dr. Shahram Amiri, when he was in Saudi Arabia.

Iran was caught red handed lying and deceiving the international community when USA France and UK, on Thursday 09/24/2009, revealed the existence of another hidden location in Iran, near Qom, designated to enrich uranium and to bypass international inspection (see – Last Prank).

Four weeks ago, on 09/22/2009, during a military parade in Teheran two military aircrafts, an Iranian renovated F5 and a flown aerial early warning system -AWACS, one of two serving in the Iranian Air Force, collided and crashed. All 7 crew members in the two aircrafts perished. The accident was a confusing demonstration of the Iranian Air Force capabilities (see – IRANIAN-BLOW).

There is no doubt that in the Middle East a fierce secret war is carried out in order to undermine the stability and legitimacy of the Iranian current regime, to contain the Iranian threat, to disrupt the buildup of the IRANIAN COBWEBS, to put pressure on Iran to be more flexible in the diplomatic negotiation and to slow down the Iranian nuclear military program.

After the last bombing in Baluchistan, the Iranian regime showed clear signs of panic and confusion, which is uncommon for this regime.

It seems that in that secret war a coalition of Germany, France, UK, USA and Israel Intelligence apparatuses are slowly gaining the upper hand although Iran did not say, yet, they last word.
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