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Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, also known as Abdul Mudallad, was born in was born in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria, in 1986. Prior to his sojourn in the UK, in 09/2005, Umar  Abdulmutallab had studied at the prestigious British School of Lome, Togo, where he passed his International Baccalaureates Diploma before moving to the University College in London. Before arriving to London, in 2004, he made his first visit to Yemen, probably just as a tourist. Umar  Abdulmutallab was an engineering student, between 09/2005 and 06/2008. He was president of the student union’s Islamic Society (UCL) in the university for some time and lived in the recent years in a £4 million pounds apartment, registered to a USA company, in Mansfield Street, central London (Londonstan).
His father, Dr. Umaru Abdulmutallab, the retired Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and a former minister in the Nigerian government, warned, few weeks ago, that his son was going through Islamic radicalization and may have developed ties to some “dubious” people. Umar  Abdulmutallab was put, since, in the FBI’s watch list as a man of interest. The list contains about 25,000 people around the world with tendency toward Islamic radicalization.
In summer 2008, before graduation, Umar  Abdulmutallab left the London school and, on 06/12/2008, obtained a visa to USA valid until 07/12/2010. He went for a 11 days tour to Houston, Texas, USA, in 08/2008, to attend an Islamic seminar, and then frequented, through Egypt, to Dubai. Umar  Abdulmutallab told his friends and relatives that he wanted to study Arabic, a decision that came after he reportedly met Islamic radical elements in London. Soon after he left the Arabic course in Dubai and headed to Yemen. It is Almost certain that Umar  Abdulmutallab got acquainted in Yemen also with Anwar al-Awlaki. A fresh visa request of Umar  Abdulmutallab was refused, in 05/2009, by the British authorities, when it came to light he had applied for a bogus course, Whitehall sources said. 

Umar  Abdulmutallab headed to USA, allegedly, to attend a religious seminar. On 12/25/2009, he tried to cause explosion on Northwest Flight-253 arriving in the USA city of Detroit from Amsterdam with explosive powder of about 80gr smuggled into the aircraft in a plastic bag, stitched in his underwear, and a liquid in a syringe. Umar  Abdulmutallab suffered severe burns on one of his legs and his knees, where the device was activated. He was arrested on the spot in Detroit and taken to a local hospital for initial treatment. Umar  Abdulmutallab arrived to Amsterdam in a direct flight from Lagos, Nigeria’s capital.

Umar  Abdulmutallab claimed in his interrogation he acted on behalf of Al Qaeda. He claimed that the device was obtained in Yemen along with instructions from Al Qaeda on using it (see – Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – AQAP). Intelligence sources identified, following the interrogation, the Saudi Ibrahim H. al-Asiri as AQAP’s top explosives expert in Yemen and the most likely bomb maker (see – YEMENs Bombs Investigation).
A USA official confirmed, following the failed attempt, that Umar  Abdulmutallab was, indeed, known in federal counterterrorism files but, eventually, he was not on the American “no-fly list”.
Yemen confirmed, on Tuesday 12/29/2009, that Umar  Abdulmutallab stayed in Yemen the last time from 08/2009 up to early 12/2009. Then he left to Ghana, from Ghana he traveled to Abuja (Lagos), Nigeria’s capital, and headed on to Amsterdam. .

* According to Yemeni officials, on Thursday 01/07/2009, Umar  Abdulmutallab met, indeed, with Anawar al-Awlaki in Yemen but he was radicalized to Jihad already earlier in London.

* during his first appearance in a USA court, on Friday 01/08/2010, Umar  Abdulmutallab pleaded not guilty (see also -Umars Footage).
* On 10/12/2011 Umar  Abdulmutallab pleaded guilty, in a federal court in Detroit, to all charges against him and warned the US of “a great calamity”.  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was sentenced, on Thursday 02/16/2012, to life in prison for attempting to blow up a US airliner bound for Detroit on Christmas day in 2009.
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