Khaled Abdul Nabi is considered the leader of the Abyan Aden Islamic Army, one of many groups operating in Yemen inspired by Al Qaeda and the Global Jihad. The group with a very similar nameJaish Aden -Army of Aden, took responsibility through the web on the USS Cole attack, on 10/12/2000.

Khaled Abdul Nabi is accused of being behind several security troubles including violent acts, bombings, etc. His group was behind Hitat kidnapping operation that took place in 1998 when a number of British tourists were killed. (A plot in which Mohamed Kamel Mustafa, the son of Abu Hamza al-Masri, was involved too).

Yemeni officials told USA already in 2003 that Khaled Abdul Nabi was killed in a shootout with Yemeni security forces. The authorities were looking also after his brother, known as Captain Ahmed.

In 2005, top Yemeni officials claimed Khaled Abdul Nabi was completely rehabilitated and living the life of a peaceful farmer near the town of Jaar. Through 2007, local media in Yemen reported Khaled Abdul Nabi and his band of fanatics were training Sunni tribal paramilitaries for the government to battle the Shiite Saada Rebels in the North of Yemen.

In 08/2008 the Yemeni forces killed five of Khaled Abdul Nabi’s men and claimed they arrested 28 Al Qaeda supporters in yet another operation in Abyan Province and arrested Khaled Abdul Nabi himself.

After a meeting with the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in 01/2009, Khaled Abdul Nabi agreed to support the Yemeni regime not only against the Shiaa rebels in Saada province in the North but also against Southern Yemeni separatists including in Abyan province. In 02/08/2009 Khaled Abdul Nabi was released in a general amnesty along with about 175 Islamic militants, many of them his own men. He returned to Abyan to rebuild his organization, now affiliated to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and called for the Formation of Islamic state in southern Yemen.

Today (01/2010) Khaled Abdul Nabi is free but went underground in Abyan province.
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