The modern Global Jihad was from its very beginning saturated with anti-Jewish motives. It was based on the status of the Jews as protégés of their neighbor Muslims. According to the Koran the Muslim tradition granted Jews a sort of protection, with many limitations, as second degree habitants. The existence of Israel as a sovereign state nowadays, considered by Muslims as an Islamic territory which must be ruled the Islamic society inflamed even more the anti-Jewish feelings (see – Footage 08.03.09 ).

Therefore the Hamas in Gaza does not recognize Israel right to exist since it contradict the Islamic perception of Islamic soil and the traditional concept of Jews as leaving under the protégé of Islamic rule. It is also the fundamental reason why the Islamic Republic of Iran is so focused on the existence of the Jewish state in the Middle East and on the goal of “removing Israel from the map”. It is assumed that Iran has nothing against a JEWISH STATE, such as in Birobijan, Siberia, or in any remote place in the world providing it was never Muslim soil. The Jihadists, Hamas and Iran are not opposing Israel because of the “occupation”, which is basically a political territorial conflict, but because of Israel’s very existence. This approach that the basic problem of the Middle East is the very existence of Israel is adopted, nowadays, by left wing radicals in Europe as well, although for other reasons (see also – Jewish Blame ). 

 On Monday 02/08/2010, Dr. Azzam Tamimi, a Palestinian academic based in Londonstan and a declared Hamas supporter in UK, who has advocated suicide bombings, addressed Cambridge University’s Islamic Society. Dr. Azzam Tamimi told the students he “longs to be a martyr” and, in a direct incitement, said that Israel “must come to an end” and sharply criticized the “two states (for two nations) solution”. He said as frankly as it can be that the conflict with Israel is not about territories but about the existence of Israel on any territory in the Middle East. It is true that Dr. Azzam Tamimi does not represent all the Palestinians, just a large portion of them – large enough to carry on the violent struggle against Israel even in the context of the “two states solution”. (By the way – also the rival Fatah never agreed to recognize the rights of the Jews to have a state of their own on any part of what they considered historic Palestine – see – HAMAS-Fatah ). 

Almost at the same time, Monday 02/08/2010 evening, the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon addressed students in Oxford University. He was welcomed by a choir of “moderate” pro-Palestinians, who shouted “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” and by extreme pro-Palestinians, who shouted in Arabic simply  “Itbah al-Yahud”, which means “Slaughter the Jews”, a slogan that by all means can not be explained but as a blunt and direct incitement. It was not the occupation – it was the old historic hate of Jews in its new modern form in the historical ongoing attempt to delegitimize the Jews.  

There is a room to criticize Israel whether they did enough to enable the Palestinians to form a viable state of their own. Such a criticism is not anti-Israeli and certainly not anti-Jewish. There is a place to question Israel about the settlements and its intention to find a way of coexistence with the Palestinians and it can be still a fair criticism but in most of the cases Liberal Europeans join hands with Islamic Jihadists, maybe unintentionally, to remove Israel from the map (see – Tie The Hands ). 

Osama Bin Laden and his fellow founders of Al Qaeda declared, on 02/23/1998, in Afghanistan, on behalf of “The World Islamic Front for Jihad” war “against the Jews and Crusaders “. It seems that many referred to as Crusaders, in the European countries and the Western Democracies, are now supporting the idea of Jihad, probably unknowingly, by getting rid of the Jews first while they are next on line (see also – Durban 2009 ).



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