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On Tuesday 02/23/2010, the Iranians sized a Kyrgyzstan airliner from Pakistan to Kyrgyzstan via Dubai, after tacking off in Dubai. They forced the aircraft to land in Southern Iran and captured Abdulmalek Rigi, the Jundallah leaders and the prime suspect of the Pisheen Bombing, on 10/18/2009, in which several top commanders of the Revolutionary Guard were killed (see – Rigis Arrest ).

The Iranians claimed for long time that Abdulmalek Rigi was affiliated to the CIA and the British MI.6 and blamed USA for committing terror acts inside Iran through Jundallah.

Jundallah, a blunt Sunni anti-Shiaa groops is operating, since 2003, in Baluchistan, divided between Iran and Pakistan (see – Baluchistan-Rigi ), and after committing terror attacks against Shiites in Pakistan diverted its attention, in the recent years, to promote unrest and instability in the Iranian part of Baluchistan, inhabited by Sunni Muslims but ruled by Shiaa Iran. It is obvious that while the tension between Iran and USA is growing so is the potential common ground between Jundallah and the CIA. 

The Jundallah committed several successful painful attacks against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and it is assumed they have some support in Iranian Baluchistan and therefore also reliable intelligence needed by the USA as well.

After the Pisheen Bombing Iran asked several times Pakistan to extradite Abdulmalek Rigi to Iran but Pakistan dissembled as if they do not know where to find him.

Even Iran will not dare to intercept a civilian commercial airliner and to force it to land in Iranian territory unless they are 100% sure Abdulmalek Rigi was, indeed, on the plane. Such an operation is the tip of the iceberg of a sophisticated intelligence operation, which was able to tail Abdulmalek Rigi in Afghanistan and Pakistan despite his cover story, to identify him with a 100% certainty and to be able to time the right time and place to capture him. It is also a major embracement for Pakistan and their Intelligence – ISI, who claimed, time and again, they are unable to locate him. The capture also bolster Iran’s claim that Abdulmalek Rigi, indeed, enjoyed some sort of Pakistani protection (see also -Whats going on )..

Iran already said Abdulmalek Rigi had been in a USA military base 24 hours before his capture, alleged the USA had issued Abdulmalek Rigi with an Afghan passport. Iran also said he had recently travelled to “European countries”. While captured he was dressed in casual tourist style clothes, shavenand without his traditional small beard to avoid, at least, occasional identification.

A top Iranian official said, on Wednesday 02/24/2010, that seized Sunni militant Abdulmalek Rigi will be put on public trial, and urged his associates to give themselves up to the Islamic republic’s authorities. It is expected that in the coming days Iran will publish an initial report from Abdulmalek Rigi’s investigation to prove his affiliation to the CIA and/or the British MI.6.

The capture of Abdulmalek Rigi emphasizes the capabilities of Iranian special operations and intelligence and gave a major blow to the Pakistani ISI and to the cooperation between ISI and the CIA over the Iranian issue. It is the second major failure in the region after the Khost CIA-Bomber Humam al-Balawi killed 7 CIA agents in Afghanistan, on 12/20/2009 (see – Khost 12.30.09 )..

Rigi affair is only in its beginning and it is most likely that other embarrassing revelations are still to be revealed in the coming weeks. Indeed, Abdulmalek Rigi said on Iranian state-run TV, on Friday 02/26/2010, that Iranian authorities had detained him on his way to a meeting with a “high-ranking American person” in Kyrgyzstan.
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