The next general elections in the U.K are due to take place on or before 3 June 2010. For the moment the poll indicates a very narrow gape of 2%-5% between the opposition Conservative party, led by David Cameron and the Labor party, now in power, led by Gordon Brawn, with a realistic ambition to hold the balance power of a third party, the Liberal Democrats, led by Nick Clegg.

 The Muslims in UK are about 5% of the vote power, although, most likely divided in many issues they are, generally speaking, united over the approach toward the Muslim and Arab world, especially toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and those issues are in a high priority in the UK Islamic community. It is therefore why, in many constituencies all over the UK, the candidates cannot afford themselves but to court the Islamic vote if they wish to be elected.  

  A British columnist, Chris Roycroft-Davis, published, on 02/19/2010, in the Daily Express an article in which he criticized the British verbal attacks on Israel following the alleged usage of forged British passports by a hit squad which killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, on 01/20/2010 (see – Upside Down). In the end of the article Chris Roycroft-Davis claimed that Gordon Brown is “a Prime Minister whose policy was to welcome millions of immigrants so he could socially engineer the country to be less British and more likely to vote Labour”. Chris Roycroft-Davis went, probably, too far in accusing Gordon Brown of engineering the immigration policy specifically to enhance the Labor party political power in UK, but he was right that Britain changes rapidly its values, its social infrastructure and its identity.

 On 02/28/2010, the British newspaper Sunday Telegraph quoted Jim Fitzpatrick, the Environment Minister, as saying his party has been infiltrated by a fundamentalist Muslim group that wants to create an “Islamic social and political order” in Britain.

Jim Fitzpatrick referred to the Islamic-Forum of Europe – IFE, which believes, according to him, in Global Jihad and shariaa law, and wants to turn Britain and Europe into an Islamic state. According to Jim Fitzpatrick the IFE has placed sympathizers in elected offices in the Labor party and claims, correctly, to be able to achieve “mass mobilization” of voters. It is alleged that Tower Hamlets council leader, in South East Londonstan, Lutfur Rahman is said to have been helped by the IFE.

“They are acting almost as an centrist organization, placing people within the political parties, recruiting members to those political parties, trying to get individuals selected and elected so they can exercise political influence and power, whether it’s at local government level or national level…They are completely at odds with Labour’s programme, with our support for secularism” he said.

UK already lost over 400 soldiers, allegedly fighting terror abroad, but at the same time, at home, they are giving up their democracy, values, human rights and freedom of speech to the same ideology and beliefs which oppose all those ideas and which they are fighting abroad (see also – Brown’s Speech).


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