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* Saleh Abdullah Al-Qaraawi, one of the 83 Wanted List published in Saudi Arabia as no. 34, on Monday 02/02/2009, was described by the Saudi authorities as one of the leaders of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.

Since early 2010 Saleh Al-Qaraawi appeared several times in Jihadi websites and was described as the head of “Abdullah al-Azzam Brigades”, a name typical to Al Qaeda’s offshoots. His “comand” straches on the Levant (in Arabic – Sham – see also – Jund al-Sham) which includes Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and Jordan. In his apprerances Saleh Al-Qaraawi threatens to launche a fresh wave of attacks on USA and Israeli targets as well as UN peacekeepers in South Lebanon – UNIFIL.

UNIFIL reportedly said that Al Qaeda threats should be taken seriously after one of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted terrorists slammed the Lebanese army, Hizbullah and Sunni leaderships in Lebanon for defending Israel’s security and hindering the infiltration of Al Qaeda members into northern Israel.
Saleh Al-Qaraawi was arrested, on 06/09/2012, after returning to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan where he was reportedly wounded in a drone strike in FATA region of Waziristan.


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