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Karachi is the harbor town of Pakistan, located in the South of the country on the Indian Ocean, the 20th largest metropolitan area in the world, with a population of about 16 millions. Karachi is the economic capital of Pakistan with a chaotic public order, high crime level, violent crime gangs typical to any big harbor town in the world. Therefore Karachi is also an ideal base for undercover operations, especially those conducted by the notorious Pakistani intelligence apparatus – ISI (see -Uncontrolled I.S.I) .

Some commentators and observers claimed for a long time, that since peace between India and Pakistan will severely undermine the privileged status of the army in the Pakistani society as a state within a state and the ultimate political power behind the scene, as well as the priorities of huge state budgets in a poor country – there are suspicions that whenever the Indian-Pakistani relations heat up and threats were replaced by peace negotiation, a mysterious hand committed yet another terror attack in India. In previous cases the traces always led, eventually, to the Pakistani military intelligence – ISI (see – I.S.I Provocation).

The allegations where supported by the Mumbai Carnage, in late 11/2008 and the German Bakery blast in Pune, on 02/13/2010 (see -Pune 02.13.10), both occurred on the eve of renewing peace talks between India and Pakistan.

The arrest of the Lashkar-e-Toiba – LeT spy David C. Headley in Chicago, USA, in 10/2009, provided two shoking revelations: A. That LeT with the support of the Pakistani intelligence – ISI is runing a world wide network of terror and espionage (see -The-Network): B. That ISI is running, at least since 2003, a residential protected compound in Karachi where  a conglomerate of anti-Indian fugitives and groups such as the INDIAN Mujahideen, HuJI, Jumaat-ud-Dawa and even the Sikh  Babbar Khalsa International – BKI (see -BKI 03.19.10), Indian mobsters like Daoud Ibrahim, Pakistani groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba  retired and serving Pakistan army men like Colonel Shahid Bashir, former PAF pilot Nadim Ahmad Shah (see – Shahid-Nadim) and Maj Sajid Mir were working together to combine their infrastructures, to coordinate their efforts and to carry out terror attacks in India in order to undermine and weaken the Indian stability and firmness over the Kashmir issue – in the so called “Karachi Project”.

David Coleman Headley made it clear that without the “Karachi Project” it is doubtful if the Mumbai Carnage could be ever carried out.

The “Karachi Project” has been described as part of an overall strategy adopted by the Pakistani Army to use terror outfits as a crucial part of a strategic arsenal to bust India’s military and economic might. Admiral Dennis Blair, Director of the National Intelligence in the USA, reportedly told an US senate committee that Islamabad planned the proxy war in the wake out of Karachi due to the easy approach to India via the sea route.

The “Karachi Project” is a blunt, well established example that the Pakistani Army and its intelligence are functioning actually as a state within a state in Pakistan and are exporting terror first to India but also to other corners of the world (see – PK Two Heads). It is most likely that without the Pakistani nuclear umbrella Pakistan would not dare to assemble such a project like the “Karachi Project” (see – The-Army).

The Karachi Project is an example of the dangerous combination between nuclear power and terror in the hand of irresponsible sub-states or political powers (see also – Khalid Khawaja confession).


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