Iran has identified Saudi Arabia long time ago as the epicenter of the Sunni Arab world and political anti-Iranian, anti-Shiaa block and, at the same time, also the weakest link in the anti-Iranian coalition.

Saudi Arabia has proven its military impotency in the war in Yemen against the Houthis, Its political influence deteriorating with the sharp down of oil prices and the rase of USA as a major oil producer competing Saudia in the World’s oil markets. 

Therefore Iran is targeting especially Saudi Arabia directly amd mostly indirectly through Iranian proxis and [ro=Iranian militias in Iraq and Houthis in Yemen. Saudia became a constant target to long range rockets. Missiles and drones bombing oil facilities and other strategic facilities. So far without any meaningful response fro saudia or USA. 

Furthermore USA said more than once that despite its stiff economic sanction on Iran They are detement not to drift to war with Iran and Saudia should be capable to defend itself by herself ( and expensive American Weapon ).

On 09/16/2019 Iran launched a sophisticated drones, UAV and cruise missiles attack on Saudi oil  refineries in Abqaiq, in the easy\t of Saudia. Cutting temporarily 50% of Saudi oil supply to the World’s markets and causing huge damage toSaudi economy. 

In t\the recent days  (09/2019) Houthi rebels in Yemen say they have captured a large number of Saudi troops after a major attack near the border between the two countries.

A Houthi spokesman told the BBC that three Saudi brigades had surrendered near the Saudi town of Najran.

He said thousands of soldiers had been captured and many others killed. Saudi officials have not confirmed the claim.All those captured would be paraded on the Houthi-run Al Masirah TV network on Sunday 09/29/2019, he added.


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