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Faisal  Shahzad was born on 06/30/1979 in the poor Pakistani village of Pabbi, near Peshawar the administrative capital of the tribal areas known as FATA. His father Baharul Haq left before he was born. He is the youngest of four children. Faisal  Shahzad spoke also Pashtu, the language of the Pashtu tribes which man the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Faisal  Shahzad’s father is a retired Pakistani Air force official and nowadays (05/2010) deputy director general of the Civil Aviation Authority in Pakistan.

Faisal  Shahzad attended primary school in Saudi Arabia in the mid 90s’. Faisal  Shahzad studied for five semesters in 1997 and 1998 at the now-defunct Southeastern University in Washington, D.C., where he took mostly business classes, receiving low evaluation in basic statistics. He received a B.A. in computer science and engineering at the the University of Bridgeport,with his parents attending his graduation on 05/13/2002.

Faisal  Shahzad worked as a junior financial analyst in the accounting department at the Elizabeth Arden cosmetics company in Stamford, Connecticut, while he was still working on his master’s degree from January 2002 and until June 15, 2006, when he resigned to work elsewhere. From mid-June 2006 to June 2009, Shahzad worked as a junior financial analyst,a position paying an estimated $55,000 to $80,000, for Affinion Group.

Faisal  Shahzad married, in 2004, in an arranged marriage, Huma Asif Mian, a Pashtu Colorado-born USA citizen who had just graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in accounting. Faisal  Shahzad and his wife had two young children, a girl and a boy. He himself was granted USA citizenship on 04/17/2009. Few weeks later Faisal  Shahzad abruptly quit his job and stopped making payments on his house, defaulting on the $218,400 mortgage. He moved out around 05/2009, with his wife following, about a month later. Faisal  Shahzad and his family moved to Pakistan. He then defaulted on his $200,000 mortgage, and was sued by the bank in 09/2009 as it foreclosed on his home.

On 07/03/2009, Faisal  Shahzad reportedly traveled to Pakistan and is believed to have visited Peshawar, a gateway to the militant-occupied tribal regions of Pakistan and stayed there from 07/07/2009 up to 07/22/2009 (see – Times-Square plot investigation). Intelligence sources said that during his visit to Peshawar Faisal  Shahzad was in direct contact with Ilyas Kashmiri. Faisal  Shahzad’s most recent stay in Pakistan lasted for five months; he returned to the USA on 02/03/2010, on an Emirates flight from Dubai.

USA authorities arrested Faisal  Shahzad, on Monday 05/03/2010, few hours after he was put in the no flight list, as the prime suspect of committing the Times Square Plot Incident three days earlier. Faisal  Shahzad, which USA intelligence said was affiliated to the Taliban, was arrested at John F. Kennedy airport before boarding a flight to Dubai on flight 202, probably when he tried to flee the country.

Faisal  Shahzad has reportedly implicated himself in the Times Square Plot, and admitted training in bomb-making at a terrorist camp run by a militant Islamist faction in the Waziristan region of Pakistan. He cooperated fully with the investigation. USA officials believe Faisal  Shahzad approached Pakistani radicals on the internet and had regular contacts with extremist groups (see also – Jihad-Jane).

Faisal  Shahzad was indicted in New York, on Thursday 06/17/2010 (see – Shahzad’s Indictment). On Monday 06/21/2010 Faisal  Shahzad pleaded guilty as charged. He was sentenced, on Tuesday 10/05/2010, in Manhattan to life imprisonment (see also – PK-Charges 09.08.10 ).

* On Thursday 07/15/2010, Al-Arabiya Arabic TV channel based in Abu-Dhabi, aired a VIDEO FOOTAGE with Faisal  Shahzad, while he was in the Pakistani tribal area before his failed attack in Times Square in which he said he want revenge the death of Muslims by Americans  and described himself as a “Muslim Soldier”.


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