* Shiv  Malik, 27, is a free lancer journalist who was collaborating with Hassan Butt on a manuscript of a book he intended to write. On 05/09/2008 the Greater Manchester police raided his house and confiscated materials related to Hassan Butt who was arrested simultaneously.

Shiv Malik published several articles on . home grown Islamic terrorists and is believed to have good sources in the radical Islamic community in U.K.

Hassan butt was released, eventually, on 05/21/2008 without charges but the police appealed to the high court asking Shiv  Malik to reveal wanted material on Hassan Butt. The police stressed that Shiv  Malik is not asked to reveal his confidential sources.

The high court has been told that Greater Manchester police has seen a manuscript of the book, but also wants to look at all Malik’s source material relevant to Butt.


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