The Doctors plot from 06/2007, the arrests of Andrew Ibrahim in Bristol, on 04/17/2008, and the attempt to plant a bomb in an Exeter restaurant by Nicky Reilly, on 05/22/2008, suggests that the nature of Islamic terror in U.K changes from well coordinated undercover terror cell which operated within Islamic communities in UK toward initiative of individuals operating on their own within non Islamic communities.

The traditional terror cells in UK were generally likely to emerge in concentrations of Islamic population within larger Islamic communities. They were generally connected to international groups such as Al Qaeda or other Pakistani based groups. It was relatively easy for the British security service MI5 to monitor those cells through informants within the Islamic communities and through cooperation with other security services abroad.

The new type of Islamic terror is of young frustrated unconnected individuals, often converts, who receive their operational knowledge from the web. On one hand, since they are not connected to other organization or networks, it is much harder to monitor their activities. On the other hand their skills and expertise are amateurish and they are likely to fail in committing their plans.   


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