On Monday 05/26/2008, the Hizbullah marks the 8th anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon, which is widely considered as a success of Hizbullah. That year the anniversary day is highlighted by the extraordinary achievement of Hizbullah to dictate its terms to the Lebanese political system and to gain veto power on all possible future decisions of Lebanon as a sovereign state. (See-  Doha Agreement )

In a rally of many thousands in Beirut Hassan Nasserallah was very conciliatory toward the other communities of Lebanon, he ensured that Hizbullah is not looking for governing Lebanon. Hassan Nasserallah promised not to bear arms against fellow Lebanese and called upon unity of all Lebanese.

At the same time he promised to carry on the struggle to liberate Shabaa Farms, a disputed area with Israel of few square KM which provides the justification of arming the Hizbullah. 

Hassan Nasserallah, at the first time, pointed out the next target of the Iranian alliance in the Middle East and issued a challenge to the Iraqi government to take a stand against the USA military presence in Iraq. He publicly confirmed that Hizbullah “is siding with the resistance in Iraq” (Open-War) and claimed that “The Americans allowed the elections and the formation of parliament and a government so that they get an Iraqi legitimization of the occupation”.


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