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* Lors  Doukaiev, the failed Copenhagen bomber, was born in Chechnya in 1986 or 1983.

In 1998 Lors  Doukaiev lost part of his foot  when, while on holiday in Chechnya he went to play in a playground. Lors  Doukaiev is mentioned in an article on about injured children from Chechnya.  The article says he was born in 1983.  This could be wrong, or it might be that he gave the Belgians incorrect information when he sought asylum.

In 2005 Lors  Doukaiev arrived to Liege Belgium in 2005 with his mother a Doctor. where he lived when he was wounded, on Friday 09/10/2010, in a failed attempt to manufacture a home-made bomb in a small hotel in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark (see – Copenhagen 09.10.10). In his house in Liege Belgian police has found 40 kilograms of explosives.

Lors  Doukaiev was in Copenhagen in 2008 on a tour with his school, the Institut Superior d’Architecture Saint-Luc. This explains why Doukaiev had with him a map of Copenhagen from 2008. The school’s dean, Norbert Nelles, says that shortly after starting his second semester at the school, he dropped the course and said he got a job in Germany. But Lors  Doukaiev was a dedicated Muslim who prayed every day, according to the dean.

Lors  Doukaiev has been a member of Boxing Club Cocktail in Liege. According to the boxing trainer Albert Syben, the suspect has been attending boxing training at the boxing club. According to Belgian police the boxing club was a project that was supposed to keep young people in the neighborhood out of criminal activity. Albert Syben also said that according to Lors  Doukaiev’s girlfriend, he went to Luxembourg last week (early 09/2010) and since then she can’t contact him. He also traveled a lot between Belgium and Chechnya.

Lors  Doukaiev has Belgian citizenship and was signed up by the social services

Lors  Doukaiev last fight was in January 2010, where he won after three rounds, but he was not seen in the club since..

* According to the Danish tabloid ‘Ekstra Bladet’ on Monday 10/25/2010, an unnamed German police officer said that Lors  Doukaiev visited at least once a radical mosque in the Groepelingen area of Bremen, in northeastern Germany.

According to the official, Lors  Dukayev was in touch with Rene Marc Sepac and Police believe he was preparing a letter bomb for the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, which published 12 Muhammad Cartoons in 2005, triggering Muslim anger and violent protests the following year..

* A jury in Copenhagen, on Monday 05/30/2011, found Chechen-born LorsDoukaiev guilty of planning to send a letter bomb to the newspaper that published the Mohammed drawings.
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