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Following intelligence tip provided by Jabr al-Faifi through the Saudi intelligence, received on Thursday 10/28/2010 night, authorities in Dubai, the Gulf Emirates, and UK intercepted 2 suspicious packages from Yemen tested positive for explosives, according to President Obama, addressing the nation, on Friday 10/29/2020, afternoon about what he now calls “a credible terrorist threat against our country.”

Last night and earlier today,” said President Obama, “intelligence and law enforcement officials working with our friend and allies identified two suspicious packages bound for the United States, specifically two places of Jewish worship in Chicago” (see also – Itbah Al-Yahud). One of the synagogues is the ‘Anshe Shalom’, the synagogue in which President Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel uses to pray.

“Initial examination of those packages determined that they do apparently contain explosive material”.
Initial intelligence report from Saudi intelligence said there could be as many as 15 bomb packages being sent from Yemen to the USA. None have yet been discovered in the US. Following the information a number of flights to US with contents from Yemen where escorted by US fighters and rechecked after landing in USA. ..
The initial report came late Thursday night and involved two separate packages shipped from Sanaa, Yemen to Chicago, according to law enforcement officials. The package intercepted in Dubai was shipped via FedEx, the one stopped in the UK by UPS. Another suspect package from Yemen was examined on a delivery lorry in New York, and later declared safe.

Officials said both packages were stopped midway on their trip to Chicago, one at the East Midlands cargo airfield outside London and the other at the airport in Dubai

US officials told ABC News that the package stopped in Dubai contained cell phones and what might be “detonators and timers.” Officials said the second package, intercepted in the UK, contained a printer whose toner cartridge appeared to have been tampered with and contained white powder — nearly a pound of it — instead of black powder, arousing suspicion.

There are no direct aviation links between Yemen and either USA or UK. Most of the aerial connection between those countries is primarily via Dubai but also through other international airports.

It seems that the packages were primarily intended to test the system in the first place, to threat Jews which are often in the focus of Al Qaeda and the Global Jihad and to manipulate the media and cause panic in the Western Democracies and especially in the USA.

The main suspect of carrying out the operation and its nature aimed to manipulate the media is, most likely, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – AQAP.

Indeed laboratory tests showed that both the packages uncovered in Dubai and in London, UK contained traces of PETN, the same substance used by Umar Abdulmutallab, the Flight-253 would be bomber in Christmas 2009 eve.  

In Dubai, where one of the bombs was found in a FedEx shipment from Yemen, police said it contained PETN. The white powder explosives were discovered in the ink cartridge of a computer printer, said a police statement carried by the official state news agency WAM. The device was rigged to an electric circuit, and a mobile phone chip was hidden inside the printer, the statement said. The police said the bomb was prepared in a “professional manner.” 

The other package was found at an airport in central England. Preliminary tests indicated the packages also contained PETN attached to some sort of a timing device. The parcels passed through at least two security checks in Yemen before loaded on the airplanes and were, eventually, detected due to intelligence and not because of technical screening or by some sort of sensors.

Yemen said, on Friday 10/30/2010, they have detected 26 suspicious parcels for extra checking and arrested, on Saturday 10/30/2010 evening, a woman on suspicion of mailing the pair of bombs (see – YEMENs Bombs Investigation ).  .
* German security officials said, on Monday 11/01/2010, that each of the two bombs contained over 300gr of PETN, which could easily crash down any commercial plane.   
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