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Al-Jazeera is an Arabic TV news network owned by the Amir of Qatar Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who himself is the head of state and an absolute Monarch.

The network was founded in 1996 and soon employed many of the Arabic Branch of the BBC. Al-Jazeera gained an immense popularity among the Arabs in the Middle East. Almost every house in the region is tuned to Al-Jazeera and about 50 millions are watching Al-Jazeera every day.

Since Qatar is located between Iran and Saudi Arabia on the frontline between the Sunni countries, led by Saudi Arabia, and Shiite Iran – Qatar and its Amir elaborated their ambiguous two-faced foreign policy to new hights. On one hand Qatar hosts the biggest USA base in the Middle East and its capital Doha is a center for international transactions. On the other hand Qatar is coordinated with Iran in regional politics and supports Islamic militancy, mainly through Al-Jazeera.

Qatar’s Al-Jazeera’s manager nowadays (01/2011) Wadah Khanfar was described by Forbes Magazine as one of the Powerful People in the World’ in 2009. He was born in the Palestinian West Bank town of Jenin in the late 60s’ and is known as a Hamas sympathizer (see also – Jenin refugee camp).  After USA invasion to Iraq Wadah Khanfar headed the Baghdad Al-Jazeera office.

During operation Absolute Justice in Afghanistan, in late 2001, Al Jazeera reporter in Afghanistan Tayssir Allouni got reputation of his reports from inside Afghanistan. Tayssir Allouni was sentenced in Spain, on 09/26/2005, to 7 years in jail for collaborating with terror.

Ever since The 9/11 Al-Jazeera was the sole distributor and the first to broadcast the audio and video tapes of the two most known Al Qaeda leaders – Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri. It is obvious that the network established special relations with As-Sahab, the Media branch of Al Qaeda (see also -Damadola Fiasco).

Al-Jazeera hired the Israeli Arab PM Azmi Bishara, who fled Israel after he was suspected of spying for Hizbullah, in late 2006, as a special commentator with high wages.

Although Qatar itself is an absolute monarchy Al-Jazeera constantly attacked other Arab Countries for lack of democracy and civil rights. In Iraq, Afghanistan, the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation, Lebanon and recently EGYPT’S REVOLUTION Al-Jazeera broadcasted endless close ups, for hours, of the wounds and the blood of those who were hurt, inflaming the “horrors” and manipulating the feelings of the Arab masses. Another method is to broadcast rumors such as ‘Gamal Mubarak fled Egypt’. After the rumors created the desired impact Al-Jazeera corrects itself claiming it was a mistake.

Although Israel did not close Al-Jazeera office,  Israel boycotted the network in 2008 because they reported only from Gaza Strip and totally ignored the Israeli side of the conflict. When Israel briefly shut the electricity to Gaza Strip in 01/2008 Al Jazeera, in full coordination with the Hamas in Gaza, broadcasted reportage of Hamas leadership gather for a meeting in full darkness with candles. A whiff of wind moved the curtains for a second and it was revealed that the scene was staged in broad day light. 

Just recently Al-Jazeera launched a campaign against the possible peace process with Israel when they published, using a special website and a special studio, a set of 1600 leaked documents from the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiation in the Years 2007-8 (Annapolis Convention process) to label the Fatah leadership in Ramallah under Mahmoud Abbas as betraying the Palestinian interests and especially the “Right of Return”.  

There is little doubt that Al-Jazeera is functioning as a propaganda arm of the Islamic militancy against moderate regimes in the Middle East and of Iran against USA allies.


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