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* Saad  Khalid was born in 1987. He moved with his family from Pakistan to Canada in 1996.Saad  Khalid attended Mississauga’s Meadowvale Secondary School with two other suspects in the Toronto 06 cell: Fahim Ahmad and Zakaria Amara.

In his school Saad  Khalid created the “Religious Awareness Club” in high school, where he preached Islam during the lunch break. He left an insinuating message in his graduation book at Meadowvale Secondary School – “La ilaha illallah”. (There is no God but Allah) – which expresses his religious devotion.

Saad  Khalid attended regularly Al-Rahman Islamic Centre and Mosque in Mississauga, where he got acquainted with Qayyum Abdul Jamal, came under his influence and, probably, was recruited to the Toronto 06 cell.   

Saad  Khalid was a business student at the University of Toronto’s’ Mississauga campus.

Saad  Khalid was arrested on 06/02/2006 for operating in the Toronto 06 cell. He was denied bail on 11/06/2007 and remains in solitary in Canadian jail.

ON 02/02/2009 Mubin Shaikh testified in a Brampton court in Canada and said that he “felt bad” about playing a key role in helping to recruit youths.

Saad  Khalid pleaded guilty, on Friday 06/26/2009, to conspiring to set off bombs in downtown Toronto. His sentence could hinge upon how much he knew about the terror plot. He was the only man to have pleaded guilty in the Toronto 06 cell case. Saad  Khalid was sentenced, on Thursday 09/03/2009, to 14 years in jail.

* A video made public, on Monday 10/19/2009, by a Brampton court showed Oakville‘s Saad Gaya and Erin Mills resident Saad  Khalid unloading a delivery truck filled with three tonnes of ammonium nitrate destined for truck bombs, just moments before their arrest on 06/02/2006.


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