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Abdullah  Duhayman,has a dual citizenship of Saudi Arabia and bosnia. Since 1993 Abdullah  Duhayman is the head of the Islamic Balkan Center in Zenica, Bosnia (see also – 7 Mujahideen Brigade).

 Intelligence officials in Europe believe Abdullah  Duhayman is one of the main contacts and financiers of Ekrem Avdiu of Kosovska Mitrovica, Kosovo, a veteran of the Bosnian war and the founder of UCK’s mujahideen unit “Abu Bakr Sadeq”

Following the work of the Internatinal Criminal Triunal in The Hague and the war crimes research Abdullah  Duhayman was arrested and extradited to Algeria where he was jailed in 2004 for supporting the “Islamic Salvation Front” in Algeria in 1991. the “Islamic Salvation Front” won the 12/1991 elections in Algeria which caused the bloody civil war in that country.

It is not fully clear what were the sources of Abdullah  Duhayman’s money. It is assumed that some of the money was from rich businessmen in the Arabian Peninsula known as the “Golden Chain” (see – Yassin al-Qadi) and some came from Islamic charities.

According to a former top lieutenant of Al Qaeda in Bosnia, Ali Ahmed Ali Hamad ‘s testimony to  the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in Hague, on 10/25/2007, the “Islamic Balkan Center” –IBC was build with Al Qaeda’s money and its education activity of the younger Moslem population was intended to radicalize the youth in accordance to Al Qaeda perception.
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