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* MULTI CULTURAL HOUSE – In German Multi-Kultur Haus – MKH, was founded in 1996 by Ramez Aly, a formerEGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya member, and Dr. Adly el-Attar, a close acquaintance of one of the founding members of Al Qaeda, Mamdouh Mahmud Salim.

The center was officially registered in Baden Wurttemberg but operated mainly in Neu-Ulm, Bavaria, South Germany. About 40 individuals were counted as core members. Next to a mosque the Multi Cultural House – MKH included a grocery store, an extensive library, accommodation for guests as well as several class- and prayer rooms. The Multi Cultural House held Quraanic lessons for adults and children.

On 02/01/1999, the “Islamic Information Center“ -IIZ was founded in Ulm, just across the Danube river. It would become the second hot spot of militant Salafism in the area. The fact that the two neighboring cities Ulm and Neu-Ulm were not only separate municipalities but parts of different states made it more difficult for local law enforcement and intelligence services to monitor the scene, as their area of responsibility ended at their respective side of the bridge.

In 2001, Dr Yehia Yousif, who arrived in Neu-Ulm, joined the Multi-Kultur Haus – MKH and soon became the informal leader of the center. The German of Egyptian origins Khaled el-Masri, who was abducted by the American intelligence services, in 12/2003, on account of his suspected terror ties, was also seen often at the Multi-Kultur Haus.

 Eventually Dr. Yehia Yousif, the Multi Cultural House – MKH and the “Islamic Information Center“ –IIZ became the recruiting and indoctrination center for the Sauerland Cell, the most dangerous Islamic terror enterprise of home grown Islamic Radicals in Germany against targets in the country (see – Ramstein Plot).

The property of the Multi Cultural House – MKH was raided three times by police officers during the year 2005: on 01/12/2005, for alleged suspicion of formation of a criminal organization; a second raid was conducted on 02/18/2005 and the last on 09/23/2005, in which the MKH main building, its head office in Neu-Ulm as well as five apartments of MKH functionaries were searched. The police found an abundance of publications and recordings promoting Islamism and armed Jihad. Also public announcements by Multi Cultural House – MKH officials and Friday prayers were characterized by “massive, repetitious incitement against the parliamentary democracy, people of other religions, Jews and the state of Israel. Jihad was perpetually propagated as individual duty of every Muslim“.

Considering the incriminating evidence the Bavarian State Ministry of Interior banned the Multi-Kultur Haus – MKH on 12/28/2005.

The Bavarian branch of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution – LfV, the local security service,  described the core personnel of the Multi Cultural House – MKH in its annual report of 2007 as having “a hostile, aggressive attitude towards democracy, the Jewish people and generally the whole Western hemisphere“.

Although the Multi Cultural House – MKH was closed by the German Authorities in 12/2005 it was, somewhat to0 late since the seeds of Islamic radicalization in Germany and the forming of underground terror network was already on track.
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