* KING FAHD ACADEMY IN BONNThe King Fahd Academy was founded in 1994 and is subject to direct control of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Germany .


* MULTI KULTUR HAUS – MKH, In English – ‘Multi Cultural House’ was founded in 1996 by Ramez Aly, an Egyptian Jamaah Islamiyah member and Dr. Adly el-Attar, a close acquaintance of one of the founding members of Al Qaeda, Mamdouh Mahmud Salim.
* ISLAMIC INFORMATION CENTERIIZ – The Islamic Information  Center -IIZ was founded, on 02/01/1999 in Ulm, just across the Danube River and Neu-Ulm, where the Islamic Multi Kultur Haus – MKH was already operating for some years.
* AL-NUR MOSQUE, BERLIN -AL-Nur Mosque in Neukolln, Berlin was founded in 2001 by a Saudi and two Lebanese citizens. The purchase of the property was to 75% funded by the now banned Saudi charity Al Haramain.

* ISLAMIC CULTURE CENTER – BREMEN – Islamic Culture Center in Bremen -IKZ had been established in 2001. During the weekly Friday around 250-350 Muslims gathered in the center. The Islamic Culture Center is well connected to the German Salafist scene .

* EINLANDUNG ZUM PARADIEES – EZP, in English – ‘Invitation to Paradise’ was founded by a group of German Muslims, in 2007. who advocated a strict form of Salafiya in Braunschweig and Moenchengladbach, Germany – See – Einladung zum Paradies..
* GERMAN TALIBAM MUJAHIDEEN – GTM -The German  TalIban Mujahideen –GTM appeared in mid 2009 as a Turkish-German Jihadist internet forum trying to portray the GTM as a cell of Jihadi modern fighters..

* TAIBA MOSQUE IN HAMBURG – German police, on Monday 08/09/2010, closed the Taiba  Mosque, known up to 2008 as the Al-Quds Mosque, that was led in 1999 by Mohamed Fizazi and had been a meeting place for Hamburg Cell and The 9/11 conspirators in 2001 .


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