* Imad Al-Hussein, aka abu Hamza al-Suri (from Syria) arrived in Bosnia in the early 1990s as a student. Imad Al-Hussein served in the al-Mujahidin unit of the Bosnian Army, consisting mostly of foreign volunteers from Muslim countries and based near Zenica (see – 7 Mujahideen Brigade), and he later acquired Bosnian citizenship during the war.

Following the  Dayton peace agreement in the Balkan, which stated that all foreign combatants had to leave the country, Imad Al-Hussein naturalization – just as 350 other ex-Mujahideen in the past 7 years – was revoked based on unspecified “national security” grounds without a hearing by the State Commission for the Review of Decisions on Naturalization of Foreign Nationals.

since many Bosnian Muslims allegedly became more radicalized through the influence of ex-mujahideen as well as Islamic Charities that spread their beliefs with money. In particular Imad Al-Hussein, aka abu Hamza al-Suri was  a thorn in the eye of Bosnian authorities, as he was one of the leaders of an unrulier enclave of Radical Islamist and former Mujahideen in the remote village of Bocinje, 50 kilometers (31 miles) west of Tuzla, which was apparently visited by Aymen al-Zawahiri in 1996. Imad Al-Hussein is a member of the strict Wahhabi sect and started the group Ansarija, an organization dedicated to providing legal assistance to former mujahideen threatened with deportation to their home countries.

On 10/06/2008 Imad Al-Hussein was arrested in Sarajevo and placed him in the Lukavica immigration detention center, pending possible deportation to Syria. However, there have been no charges of terrorism or any other crimes filed against him. In fact, the Bosnian Intelligence and Security Agency has admitted that it has no evidence that abu Hamza al-Suri presents a real national security threat or that he has links to Islamic militant groups.

Eventually Imad Al-Hussein was not deported back to Syria and is, probably, still living in Bosnia.
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