* Reda  Seyam was born 1960 in Egypt, where he became a teacher for mathematics. In 1987 he came to Germany and settled in Ulm. During that time he was Western oriented, drank, smoked and was trying to integrate into society. Just before his residence permit expired he met his future wife, Regina Kreis, who today lives under a new identity. After only a few months both married.

Then in 1992 he oftentimes traveled to Freiburg, a way of about 150 miles, to meet fellow Muslims, among them Dr. Yehia Yousif. He started to explain to his wife that it was the obligation of the Muslims closest to Bosnia to go and join the Jihad.

Then indeed, in 1994 Regina Kreis and Reda  Seyam left for the small city of Bocnia in Bosnia. Only a few months before his departure he and Dr. Yehia Yousif had founded the charity “Relief Organization People for People“, which he allegedly used also to support the Muslim militants. Reda  Seyam spent parts of his time in Bosnia living in the Guca Gora camp under the name Hans Kreis,

According to Regina Kreis, Reda  Seyam transferred about DM 1.5 Million to the leader of the Bosnian Mujahideen, which allegedly stemmed from different countries across the globe, including Germany, Sweden, Albania, Saudi Arabia, and Syria and which was collected during the Friday prayers.

Different sources claim that Reda  Seyam was also smuggling weapons and fighters to Bosnia and filmed the execution of prisoners by Muslim fighters and handpicked women. But Reda  Seyam didn’t only bring fighters inside Bosnia, he also helped a future Jihadist back into Germany. In late fall 1996, on one of his tours to Germany, next to him sat Ramzi Binalshibh who five years later would become known as the coordinator of The 9/11 Hamburg cell.

In 1999 Reda  Seyam moved to Saudi Arabia, taking Regina Kreis and a second, Albanian born wife with him. While they stayed in Riyad, he produced religious movies for the Rawasin Media Company.

On 08/02/2002, Reda  Seyam boarded a flight to Indonesia. Upon arrival he met an old comrade from the war in the Balkans – Hambali, who at that time was the operational leader of the INDONESIAN JI.  A month after he had arrived the Indonesian intelligence service found wage lists for known terrorists in Reda  Seyam’s possession, including the name of Imam Samudra, the mastermind behind the Bali ‘02 Bombings. Furthermore, two men convicted for the bombings testified that Reda  Seyam was their superior, who had financed the attack through two charities, handed Jamma Islamiya members $74,000 for a speed boat and rented a safe house in Jakarta. Despite all evidence he was convicted to only ten months in jail for violating immigration regulations. During his prison term he was allowed to continue his video production and even gave Islam courses to the other inmates.

On 07/16/2003 Reda  Seyam returned to Germany. He was put under a sort of police supervision since the authorities found him a perfect target for CIA Extraordinary Rendition, and he was asked to to settle in Neu-Ulm where he renewed his coordination with Dr. Yahia Yousif. He in New-Ulm up to 11/2004 2004, and was a frequent visitor of the Multi Kultur Haus – MKH.

Reda  Seyam left New-Ulm for the Charlottenburg neighborhood of Berlin, where he lives to this day (02/2011). He is divorced and a father of five. On 09/02/2009 a German court in Berlin ruled that Reda  Seyam can call his new born son Jihad.

In Germany Reda  Seyam was never, detained, seriously interrogated or charged with any terror related article in Europe. It is mod doubt that Reda  Seyam was a recruiter, go-between, money fund raiser, courier and coordinator for the cause of Global Jihad.

According to media reports, in 02/2011, the Public Prosecution Office Munich has opened legal proceedings against ten individuals, which punishes formation, membership and support of a criminal organization. The accused include Mohamed Benshain, Dr. Hassan Dabbagh and Reda Seyam, who after his Jihadist globe-trotting is now producing video documentation of diverse Salafist events in Germany..


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