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On February 1, 1999, the Islamic Information  Center -IIZ was founded, on 02/01/1999 in Ulm, just across the Danube River and Neu-Ulm, where the Islamic Multi Kultur Haus – MKH was already operating for some years.

The fact that the two neighboring cities Ulm and Neu-Ulm were not only separate municipalities but parts of different states made it more difficult for local law enforcement and intelligence services to monitor the scene, as their area of responsibility ended at their respective side of the bridge.

The first board of the Islamic Information  Center -IIZ included a Turkish chairman, an Arab vice-chairman and a German convert, David Mitterhuber, tasked to be secretary. The center advocated the Salafiya Islamic way of life.

The range of activity of the IIZ and MKH vary from non-violent Dawa (repentance) efforts to militant Jihad abroad and on German soil.

At least 3, out of 11, of the Islamic Information  Center –IIZ’s board and Shuraa Council members trained in camps of the Islamic Jihad Union -IJU: Tolga Durbin, Attila Selek and Fritz Martin Gelowicz. They were also followers of Dr. Yehia Yousif the spiritual mentor of the nearby Multi Kultur Haus – MKH in Neu-Ulm. Another member, the German convert Thomas Fischer had done his military service in Germany and got radicalized in the Salafist scene of Ulm and IIZ (see also – German Radical Scene). He left for Chechnya in 2002 and was killed by Russian troops shortly thereafter.

Eventually it was members of the Islamic Information  Center –IIZ that formed the Sauerland Cell – the most dangerous Islamic terror enterprise of home grown Islamic Radicals in Germany against targets in the country.

Following the failed Ramstein Plot, on 09/04/2007, attributed to the Sauerland Cell and indirectly to the Islamic Information  Center –IIZ, the center was closed on Tuesday 10/16/2007, allegedly because of an investigation into whether the IIZ has been attempting to smuggle people into Germany illegally.
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