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* David  Mitterhuber had converted to Islam, in 1998, when he was 18, only shortly before the Islamic Information Center – IIZ was opened, on 02/01/1999. After graduation from high school in 2000 he enrolled into Medina University in Saudi Arabia, where he stayed two years to study Arabic and Sharia law. In 2003 he came back to Germany and joined a course in the “Academy for Islamic Studies in Aachen“, Germany. The academy is part of the “Islamic Center Aachen“, founded in 1981 by the former leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, Prof. Issam el-Attar and is an offspring of the IGD, the representation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany.

Equipped with the religious armamentarium of Saudi Arabian Wahhabism and Muslim Brotherhood ideology David  Mitterhuber started preaching at the Multi Kultur Haus – MKH in Ulm in Arabic and German. Although David  Mitterhuber takes care to not publicly call for violence, a book about “Misconceptions on Human Rights in Islam“, originally written by the Saudi cleric Dr. Abdul Rahman al-Sheha from Riyadh, whose German translation he helped editing, shows the proximity of his non-militant Salafist thought and the ideology of the Global Jihad.

The pamphlet was originally written by the radical Saudi cleric Dr. Abdul Rahman al-Sheha from Riyadh which approves the Wahhabi strict physical punishment for any minor offence and, finally, legitimizes the killing of apostates, if their rejection of Islam becomes public. Also remarkable is the proximity of the book’s conception of Jihad to an Al Qaeda style ideology.

David  Mitterhuber has, despite obvious sympathies for the Jihadist rhetoric, so far confined himself to the ideological struggle. He was arrested on 01/12/2005 for hate crime and membership in a criminal organization (see – German Preventive Arrests). The charges were dropped in 06/2005 and he wasr released. David  Mitterhuber is alleged to have left Germany.
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