Islamic  Culture Cemter Bremen -IKZ had been established in 2001 (See –IKZ WEBSIT). During the weekly Friday around 250-350 Muslims from mostly north African countries as well as Turkey, the Balkans and different Russian speaking countries gathered in Bremen’s Islamic  Culture Cemter.

The Islamic  Culture Cemter is well connected to the German Salafist scene and in 2009 even extended its cooperation with Salafist preachers from Braunschweig, Cologne and Leipzig. In 08/2009 the Culture Center also hosted an event with two Saudi scholars. The Bremen Culture Center allegedly had ties to the Salafist Al-Quds Mosque in Hamburg, where some of The 9/11 perpetrators formed the Hamburg Cell and later changed its name to Taiba Mosque (see – Salafiya). Culture Center Bremen is used to pray and is locally known for its Dawa (repentance) activity in public spaces of Bremen and the plan to set up an Islamic kindergarten, which shall shelter Muslim children from the influence of Western society.

Rene Marc Sepac, one of the prominent figures in the Culture Center Bremen was recruited by Aleem Nasir, in the center to the cause of Global Jihad.

After an internal dispute of Bremen’s Islamic Cultural Center 12 members split off and formed the new association by the name ‘Family- and Culture-Club Bremen“. The association officially registered in 06/2008 and has its facilities in Bremen-Grupelingen. Starting with 15 visitors the group has steadily been growing.

Bremen’s LfV (Office for the Protection of the Constitution – the German internal security service) considers the group part of a Takfiri-Salafist branch of Islam, which is quick in declaring even fellow Muslims apostates. During the end of 2008 two founding members of the association were accused of being mainly responsible for the German material of the Global Islamic Media Front -GIMF-, The next year, 07/04/2009 the group hosted an event of European Salafists, which was raided by German police. The authorities checked 12 women and 40 men from Germany, Denmark, Holland, Austria and France, yet only two men were arrested under charges of traffic violations. Bremen’s Salafist scene and especially Sepac remain under close surveillance by German security services and the police.

The Islamic  Culture Cemter Bremen and the the Einladung zum Paradies– EZP, were raided by the German police, on 12/14/2010 (see – GR Raid 12.14.10).

A Turkish jihadist born in Germany and with legal resident in Bremen Murat Kurnaz was arrested in Pakistan after The 9/11, transferred to Guantanamo in 02/2002 and released back to Bremen on 05/2008.
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