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Jan PawlowicSchneider was born 1981/82 in Kazakhstan but grew up in Saarbucken, Germany. In 2004 he traveled to Medina, allegedly studying Arabic and Islamic science.

During his short stay in the Omar Mosque he was working for German intelligence, which was trying to obtain more information on Daniel Martin Schneider and the planned attacks against USA installations. During a period of six weeks, in 04-05/2007 Jan  Pawlowic Schneider lived in an apartment building belonged to the radical Omar mosque in Dudweiler-Herrensohr near Saarbrucken with Daniel Martin Schneider and Eric Breininger

Jan  Pawlowic Schneider, aka Hamza, later probably also joined the -IJU. His picture appeared November 2009 on notes, which the Federal Criminal Police of Germany had distributed across Afghanistan and which warned of a possible attack by Schneider against German military and civilian infrastructure.

Today (02/2011) the deeds and whereabouts of Jan  Pawlowic Schneider is unknown to the authorities.
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