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Following thekilling of Abbas Mussawi, the former Hizbullah’s Secretary General, on 04/1992, by Israeli helicopter gunship, the Hizbullah and Iran formed a special apparatus “Operations Abroad” officially as part of Hizbullah’s intelligence complex and actually a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard special operations mechanism. Although Hizbullah was previously in charge on many attacks and bombings on foreign targets they were limited to Lebanon. In the new apparatus initiated and headed in the beginning by the notorious Imad Mughniyah the Iranians provided expertise, financing and their diplomatic service, especially diplomatic mail service and the Hizbullah provided a network of relations, often based on family connections, with the Lebanese Shiaa diaspora all over the world, comprised from few millions immigrants from Lebanese descent, and with concentrations in Latin America and West Africa.

“Operations Abroad” carried out two successful attacks in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, on 03/17/1992 and 07/18/1994, against the Israeli Embassy and the local Jewish community, in which over 100 people were killed. Following the attacks an international investigation was launched and many intelligence services went after the perpetrators. The findings led to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hizbullah, the names of main operatives were uncovered and put on surveillance and “Operations Abroad” as such was put on hold or in deep freeze.  Hizbullah continued to operate abroad in raising and laundering money, especially from South American drug networks based on the Lebanese community (see – 2008 Drug Gang). Hizbullah also weaved a network of sympathizers and tried to obtain military technology like night vision goggles but not necessarily through “Operations Abroad” (see also – Fawzi Assi ).

Following the mysterious death of Imad Mughniyah in Damascus on 02/12/2008 Hizbullah and his patron – the Revolutionary Guard, revived the “Operations Abroad” in order to take revenge on Israel over Mughniyah’s Death.


The mission was given to Talal Hamiya, a former aid of Imad Mughniyah in the early 90s’ in “Operations Abroad”. Talal Hamiya was in 2000 the head of Hizbullah Intelligence in Lebanon. From 2002 he was in charge of the connection and support to the Palestinians fighting Israel in the Second Intifada. He managed to recruit several Israeli Arabs to his network. At that time Talal Hamiya was fully coordinated with “Section 5“ in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard intelligence apparatus. Talal Hamiya is also implicated with Rafiq Hariri’s assassination, on 02/14/2005 (see UN-STL ).

According to Israeli intelligence sources Talal Hamiya’s deputy and first aid is his former bodyguard Ahmed al-Faid (1). The explosives engineer and the technical man is Ali Hussain Najmeddine (2). He was jailed in Azerbaijan with his colleague, Ali Karaki in 2008, released later and returned to Lebanon (see – Baku 10.05.09 ).

The bomb assembly expert was identified as Malik Ovayad, who reportedly prepared the device used in the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Argentina. Malik Ovayad is working openly in Beirut as a technician for repairing air conditioners..

Malik al-Zakur is the forger of “Operations Abroad”. He is responsible for preparing fake passports used by terrorist cell members.  The cell is aided by businessmen from Lebanese descent; a cellphone salesman Naim Kharis (3), who is recruiting supporters on his legitimate business voyages over the world (see – Hussein Atris) and a Turkish national Mehmet Taharawrlu (4), who helped to recruit Turkish citizens for operations in Turkey.

Failed plots associated with “Operations Abroad” have been reported in the past in Jordan, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Thailand and Sinai.



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