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Zabiullah  Mujahid is the prominent Taliban’s spokesman after a former spokesman, Mohammad Hanif, was killed in 11/2008. Zabiullah  Mujahid has acted as a media conduit between Taliban and Western media teams.

Zabiullah  Mujahid was interviewed with his back towards the TV camera in early 2009 by CNN reporter Nic Robertson , appearing to be somewhere in Pakistan. The interview was broadcasted on 05/05/2009 and posted on the CNN website.

Zabiullah  Mujahid is described to be about 30 years old, with a beard, and is little over 6 feet (1.8 m) tall.  Although his association with Taliban leader Mullah Omar is not clear he showed deep knowledge about Taliban operations but also about Jalaluddin Haqqani’s network operating more in the North, in Kabul area and Kunar Province.

Zabiullah  Mujahid’s claims of Taliban victories and US and coalition failings are often cited uncritically by several reporters who have developed a close working relationship with “Zabihullah”. For example, after an attack on Bagram Air Base in 05/2010, CNN reporter Atia Abawi revealed on the air that she received phone calls directly from Zabiullah  Mujahid claiming credit for this and earlier attacks as being “spot on.” That information was confirmed by military officials at both Bagram Airfield and NATO-ISAF Headquarters in Kabul.

Zabiullah  Mujahid managed so far (04/2011) to conceal many of the details related to his past, his education, his relations and even his photo. Although he provides reliable information Zabiullah  Mujahid himself, always unavailable but always there,  remains a shadowy figure.
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