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The U.K sent its troops all over the world to be involved in bloody conflicts, allegedly to fight terror, especially Islamic terror. It is known for a long time that at the same time when British soldiers were fighting abroad Britain was the most hosting and tolerant country toward growing Islamic radicalization at home. Furthermore home grown Islamic radicals exported terror to other countries such as the Mikes Place in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 04/2003, or the last failed suicide attack in Stockholm, on 12/11/2010 (see – Stockholm Blast). In UK radical preachers, protected by British law, incited to kill infidels and others and repeatedly to kill Jews (see  – Itbah Al-Yahud).

In the last batch of over 700 classified documents, posted on the web by Whistle-blowing WIKILEAKS WEBSITE, on 04/25/2011, reconfirmed what was already known – the UK played a hypocrite double face game with Islamic terror. On one hand fighting terror abroad and legislating tough anti-terror laws and on the other hand nourishing radicalization and incitement inside Britain (see – Londonstan).

*According to Wikileaks documents Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza al-Masri, two preachers who lived off state benefits after claiming asylum, are identified by the American authorities as the key recruiters responsible for sending dozens of extremists from throughout the world to Pakistan and Afghanistan via London Mosques, such as Finsbury Park Mosque, for over a decade.

* The documents show that at least 35 detainees at Guantanamo had passed through Britain before being sent to fight against Allied forces in Afghanistan. This is thought to be more than from any other of the Western Democracies.

* Sixteen detainees sent back to Britain are regarded as “high risk” by the US authorities and are liable to plan attacks against the West. However, they have been paid a reported £1 million each in compensation by the Government (see – Gitmo Copensations). For the first time, details of their alleged extremist activities, including travelling to Afghanistan to fight against British troops, are disclosed.

* The US government suspected the BBC of being a “possible propaganda media network” for Al Qaeda after details of a phone number at the broadcaster was found in the possession of several suspected terrorists. The number, which now appears to be disconnected, was thought to be for an employee of the BBC World Service, which was then funded by the Foreign Office.  Just recently, on 04/07/2011, it was revealed that Rich Dart, 28, who worked for the BBC before he became a Muslim and changed his name to Salahuddin,  branded British troops ‘murderers’, peddle Muslim extremism and hate towards Britain.

• British taxpayers’ money was used to bankroll an Afghan politician who was sent to Guantánamo Bay after being exposed as an Al Qaeda. Mullan Haji Rohullah received more than £300,000 to destroy his opium crop – but he sold the drugs and kept the money from the Department for International Development.

* Four of the Guantanamo detainees were “British intelligence sources” who betrayed their paymasters (see also the cases of Omar Saeed Sheikh or Haroon Rashid Aswat).

* The last remaining British national at the prison is an al-Qaeda commander who directed terrorist forces in Tora Bora during the Afghanistan conflict. His family, who were previously allegedly paid directly by Osama Bin Laden, is thought to have received compensation also from the British Government.

The top-secret documents show how Muslim men travelled to European countries such as France, from where they obtained fake EU passports. They then crossed the channel to take advantage of Britain’s generous asylum system.

No doubt UK’s policy toward Islamic radicalization and terror was and still is a confusing shame and while lecturing others, especially Pakistan, for “not doing enough” to contain terror Britain itself did almost nothing (see – Cameron-Comment).
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