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Amide talks between the parties in Somalia about a possible cease fire the Ethiopian-backed Somali pro-government forces launched raids, on Sunday 06/08/2008, in the Somali capital’s southern Wardhigley district, on Islamic militias sparking fighting in which the rivals attacked each other with artillery. Officially the fighting claimed the life of 28 people. The real number is unknown. (See also –  Mogadishu 04.19.08)

The next day, 06/09/2008, Somali rivals, not including the main powerful “Council of Islamic Courts” (CIC) opposition group, reach peace deal in Djibouti. According to the agreement within 120 days, Ethiopian forces helping the government fight the Islamic Courts’ Union fighters would then leave, conditional on the deployment of sufficient UN troops.

The CIC has denounced the opposition figures who took part in the meetings, casting doubt on the implementation of any agreement.

Somalia is in a constant civil war already from 1991. After the Ethiopian-Somali War of 12/2006 Islamic militants fight the pro USA and Ethiopian-backed Somali regime in a bloody but almost Neglected War.


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