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The Taliban was and still is an enterprise of the Pakistani intelligence apparatus – ISI. The Taliban was the tool of Pakistan to take over the practical control over Afghanistan as Pakistan’s backyard. Pakistan, probably, never intended to use Afghanistan as a launching pad of terror against the Western Democracies. They were quite happy to use Afghanistan as a training camp and a base for terror activity and to channel the Islamic radicalization against India (see – PK Two Heads).

Ever since operation Absolute Justice in 12/2001, the Taliban headquarters operated from Quetta in Pakistan and became known as the “Quetta Shura” while the other ISI affiliated network – the Sirajuddin Haqqani’s network operated from North Waziristan. The USA has also enough reasons to believe that Pakistan consciously gave shelter to Osama Bin Laden for several years (Abbottabad Raid).

With time more and more evidence showed a deep involvement of the Pakistani apparatuses in the war in Afghanistan. Afghanistan and USA failed, eventually, to convince the Pakistanis to seal the Afghan-Pakistani border which remains open and unsealed up to nowadays. Furthermore some of the most audacious attacks against NATO-ISAF in Afghanistan were supported by the Pakistani intelligence such as the last attack in Kabul on 09/13/2011 (see – Kabul 09.13.11).

USA hoped to tie Pakistan’s hands and encourage Pakistan to fully cooperate with USA in their war in Afghanistan by providing large military support to Pakistan, allegedly to fight terror. USA also hoped that even partial coordination with ANBIGUOUS PAKISTAN is a much better situation than no cooperation at all or worse, a confrontation with nuclear Pakistan. Pakistan also knew they always can lean on China as an alternative to US military aid. So practically the situation with Pakistan was always a matter of deep concern in USA without any real breakthrough.

It was always obvious to Afghanistan and USA that no political stability in Afghanistan can be achieved without a full cooperation with Pakistan or, at least, without effectively sealed border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. But they failed to reach any of those objectives (see – Failed-Objectives ).

So no wonder that the Afghan President Hamid Karzai finally acknowledged the reality, changed his attitude and instead of talking peace with the messenger, the Taliban, he said, on Saturday 10/01/2011, his government will no longer hold peace talks with the Taliban. Hamid Karzai said the killing of Burhanuddin Rabbani had convinced him to focus on dialogue with Pakistan (see – Rabbanis Assassination).

But the new step came too late, when NATO forces are leaving Afghanistan in accordance to a stiff time table (see – Petraeus W Plan), the Taliban gains momentum and Hamid Karzai has only few cards to play with.



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