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* Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed, aka Talha, was born in 1975 in Eritrea. He emigrated to Sweden and became a Swedish citizen. Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed leaved in Sweden. In 04/2009 he traveled to Somalia to receive holy war training at a paramilitary camp belonging to al-Shabab. When Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed was arrested in Nigeria in 11/2009 he possessed documents reflecting bomb-making instructions.

Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed was handed over from Nigeria to USA on 03/06/2010.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan unsealed an indictment on Monday 03/08/2010, accusing Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed of conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, al-Shabab. Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed is also charged with providing that support, conspiring to receive training from a foreign terrorist organization, and receiving the training.

The indictment charges that in 2009 he bought a Kalashnikov rifle and two grenades and provided about 3,000 euros (about $4,470) to al-Shabab. In addition, the indictment states, he received training at Shabab paramilitary camps in Somalia that included lessons in making bombs, and was found to possess bomb-making instructions in Nigeria in 11/2009.

Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed’s trial began in New York on Thursday 12/10/2011. Lawyers for Mr. Ahmed have asked a judge to suppress statements that the United States government has said he made after waiving his Miranda rights and being interrogated by the F.B.I. in Nigeria, on 01/03/2010. They claim that any such waiver was not voluntary and thus any statements he made are inadmissible.

The hearing on the defense motion, which began on Thursday, has provided an unusually revealing look at how American officials are carefully navigating through a kind of hybrid version of Miranda, first trying to get intelligence through “dirty,” or un-Mirandized, interviews and then having different “clean team” interrogators read the same suspects their rights in the hopes that they will waive them and continue to talk.
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