Aminat Kurbanova (maiden name Saprykina), was born in 1982 in Dagestan and a resident of Dagestan’s capital, Makhachkala. The Russian Interfax news agency claimed she was an ethnic Russian woman who had converted to Islam after marrying an Islamist militant. Aminat Kurbanova was a top graduate of Dagestan’s State University (DGU), earning the “Red Diploma” in 2003.

Aminat Kurbanova (Saprykina) studied acting, dance, and theater in the “Acting Faculty,” and after graduation joined the Russian dramatic theatre in Makhachkala where for a short time, along with her future husband Marat Kurbanov, danced in a “break dance” group called “Snetch.”

Aminat Kurbanova (Saprykina) was only there for a short while as her work conflicted with Wahabism religious beliefs after she married Marat Kurbanov and converted to Islam. Her brother Victor is also a dancer. He reportedly works at a Moscow strip club.

Marat’s brother was already an NVF member. NVF is an illegal group operating in the Caucasus, comprised of many Muslim foreigners from Turkey and the Balkans, and is more a crime gang than an ideological terror organization. After he died, Marat Kurbanov too joined the “underground.” Aminat had a child by Marat, but her mother-in-law has raised the child from the beginning.

Aminat was married four times—all to NVF fighters. Marat and two subsequent husbands died and one was imprisoned. Marat died in 2009 in a spetz-operation. Timur Kurbanmagomedov, her second husband whom she also met at the Russian theater, went to prison for arson of a store selling alcohol. According to law enforcers, he was an NVF “accomplice.” He refused to return to the NVF after his release. According to “operational information,” Aminat by this time had become a Wahhabi “fanatic” and left Timur.

Aminat’s third husband, Magomed Ilyasov, was a fighter with the Gubdenskiy “band group” who helped train the “Russian Wahhabis” Mariya Khorosheva and Vitaliy Razdobudko. The married couple blew themselves up in two separate terror attacks in the village of Gubden in 2011. Magomed himself died on 12/19/2011 transporting a homemade bomb in his own vehicle.

When Aminat’s fourth husband was killed by law enforcers in a spetz-operation in the settlement of Karaman, Kumtorkalinskiy District, on 15/05/2012, she reportedly began preparing herself as a suicide bomber. The FSB believed she recruited Rizvan Aliyev and Mulimata Aliyeva, a brother a sister team who blew themselves up at the “Alyaska -30” police post on 05/03/2012 killing 16 people. Aminat’s husband had been a member of the NVF led by Gusein Mamayev (radio name “Khamza”) who reportedly organized the “Alyaska-30” attack.

On Tuesday 08/27/2012 Aminat Kurbanova, the Black Widow, wore an explosive belt and killed herself and the Sufi Islamic preacher Said Afandi Atsayev, 74, and six other followers of the Imam (see –Boiling-Caucas). Aminat Kurbanova was able to enter Sheikh Atsayev’s house last Tuesday disguised as a house cleaner. The website reported that she was not allowed to come into the house at first, but then convinced the gate keepers to let her in to see the Sheikh because she was Russian and wanted to convert to Islam..


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