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* Michael Olumide Adebolajo was an ordinary British schoolboy; born in Lambeth in 12/1984, he grew up in Romford, travelled to school on the bus, played football and appeared to have a lot of friends.

His family – who are of Nigerian origin — were practising Christians, attending the local church. Michael  Adebolajo has two siblings; a sister and a brother. Both boys went to Marshalls Park school, in the Harold Hill area of the town. Friends from Marshalls Park school talked of how he was an ordinary student who got the bus, played football, and “jacked” a few phones.

At 16, Michael Adebolajo moved to Havering sixth form college, and then at 18 attended Greenwich University, where he lived in student accommodation in 2004, the year his parents divorced, and 2005.

According to Anjem Choudary, the former leader of the Radical Islamic Al-Muhajiroun group, Michael  Adebolajo had converted to Islam in 2003, changing his name to Mujahid, and had stopped attending meetings of Al Muhajiroun and its spin-off groups two years ago.Michael  Adebolajo was known to the police and security services – MI5 – but was considered peripheral figure among the many extremists whose activities cross the radar of investigators.

He lived in two flats in the Greenwich area of London in 2004 and 2005, while his mother is believed to have moved to Lincolnshire at some stage. 


The BBC has uncovered its own footage of Michael  Adebolajo taking part in an Islamist demonstration in 04/2007 against the arrest of a man from Luton, holding a placard reading “Crusade Against Muslims”. He was then photographed by the police standing behind Anjem Choudary.

Michael  Adebolajo had once served a jail sentence for violence and had also been intercepted by police as he attempted to travel to Somalia alongside Islamist terrorists to join al-Shabab (see -Somali U.K Radicals).

Michael  Adebolajo – Mujahid is known to have been a preacher on the streets of Woolwich and is understood to have run an occasional stall in the area, from which he distributed extremist literature condemning the involvement of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan Being known as Islamic radical extremist, MI5 asked him, in late 2012, if he wanted to work for them about six months before the killing, a childhood friend, Abu-Nusaybah, has said.

In his BBC’s Newsnight interview, Abu Nusaybah said he thought “a change” had taken place in his friend after his detention by security forces on a trip to Kenya last year. Abu Nusaybah himself was arrested at the BBC after giving the interview, on 05/24/2013.

The Kenyan authorities denied later the allegations that its security forces had abused Mr Adebolajo, insisting he had never been there. But photographs of him in a courtroom in Kenya more than two years ago have been published. Michael  Adebolajo is alleged to have been arrested for seeking training from the Islamist militant group, al-Shabab, in Somalia. Indeed Michael  Adebolajo was arrested in Kenya on 11/23/2010, the Foreign Office has confirmed, on Sunday 05/26/2013. It said Michael  Adebolajo was arrested there and it gave consular assistance “as normal” in the circumstances. 

According to the Daily News, on 05/31/2013, an SAS (Special Air Service – the ultimate British commando unit) ‘snatched’ Michael  Adebolajo and his other six associates in Kenya as they prepared to enter war-torn Somalia. Adebolajo was flown back to the UK but then allowed to roam the streets unchecked for the next two and a half years.

Michael  Adebolajo – Mujahid and Michael Adebowale carried out, on 05/22/2013, the gruesome Woolwich Beheading.

* Omar Bakri Muhammad, who supports beheading of “enemies of Islam”, now living in Lebanon and a former co-founder of Al-Muhajiroun, admitted in a phone interview with the British newspaper Independent, on Friday 05/24/2013, “I knew him as Michael when he came to the meetings and then he converted and he became known as Abdullah; I hear he then started calling himself Mujahid. He asked questions about religion, he was curious. He had first started coming when there was a lot of anger about the Iraq war and the war on terror. Whether I influenced him or not, I do not know. But he was a quiet boy, so something must have happened.”


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