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In an unprecedented verdict a French court has denied, on Saturday 07/12/2008, citizenship to a Muslim woman from Morocco, ruling that her practice of “radical” Islam is not compatible with French values.

The 32-year-old woman, known as Faiza M, has lived in France since 2000 with her husband – a French national – and their three French-born children.

Social services reports said the burqa-wearing Faiza M lived in “total submission to her male relatives”. Faiza M said she has never challenged the fundamental values of France.

Her initial application for French citizenship was rejected in 2005 on the grounds of “insufficient assimilation” into France.

Faiza M’s appealed, and late last month the Conseil d’Etat, France’s highest administrative body which also acts as a high court, upheld the decision to deny her citizenship.

Urban Affairs Minister Fadela Amara, a French Muslim from Algerian descent, said she hoped last ruling would “dissuade certain fanatics from imposing the Burqa on their wives” and described the Burqa – a “prison”.

The verdict put to the test the democratic values of France when confronting Radical Islam.


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