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Jordan’s military court sentenced, on Wednesday 06/18/2008, Ziad Khalaf Raja al-Karbouly, 25, from al-Qaim in Iraq and an Iraqi Al Qaeda militant, to death for plotting terror attacks on Jordanians in Iraq.

Judges of the State Security Court ruled that Ziad al-Karbouly was “guilty beyond doubt” of plotting attacks on trucks with Jordanian license plates on Iraqi roads to murder those on board. The guilty verdict can be appealed.

The ruling was the second time the court had sentenced Ziad al-Karbouly to death in the case. Following the initial verdict in March 2007, a Jordanian Appeals Court asked military judges to retry him to verify his claims that he suffered a mental illness.

State doctors examined Ziad al-Karbouly and concluded that he was mentally sound, paving the way for his retrial.

Ziad al-Karbouly was arested inside Jordan in 05/2006 after he was apparently lured into a trap set by Jordanian intelligence, Ziad al-Karbouly confessed later that month on television to killing Jordanian truck driver Khalid al-Dessouki in Iraq. He also confessed of kidnapping two Morocco embassy workers in Iraq in 10/2005, while employed as a customs agent for the Iraqi government.

Along with Ziad al-Karbouly, three were sentenced to death in absentia by the same military court last year, while the remaining 10 were handed down prison terms ranging from 15 years with hard labor to life imprisonment.

* Note – It is unclear whether Ziad al-Karbouly and his gang were indeed Al Qaeda operatives or just a crime gang of murders and a robbers.

** Following the  brutal killing of the Jordanian fighter pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh, probably already in 01/2015,  on 02/04/2015 down, Sajida al-Rishawi and  Ziad al-Karbouly, were executed by hanging in Jordan.


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