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Dr’ Aafia  Siddiqui was born in Pakistan in 03/02/1972 and arrived to USA in 1992. Aafia  Siddiqui attended colleges in the Boston area. As a sophomore at MIT in 1992, She received an award for her research proposal, “Islamization in Pakistan and its Effects on Women”. During her undergraduate career, she lived in McCormick Hall and worked at the MIT libraries. She graduated from MIT in 1995.

Aafia  Siddiqui subsequently went on to graduate study in neuroscience at Brandeis Univesity receiving the Ph.D. degree in 2001 for her dissertation entitled “Separating the Components of Imitation”. In 1999, while living in Boston, she and her husband Khan founded the nonprofit ‘Institute of Islamic Research and Teaching’ and made regular debit-card payments to an Islamic charity front – Benevolence International Foundation -BIF- (see – Adel Batterjee )

Dr’ Aafia  Siddiqui returned to Pakistan on 01/2003 (see – Majid Khan). Aafia  Siddiqui was briefly arrested in 03/2003 in Pakistan, probably questioned by American agents, and shortly afterward released without charges. A later investigation revealed that Aafia  Siddiqui’s bank account was used to transfer money from Saudi Arabia in order to purchase high-tech military equipment, items that seemed unusual for her occupation as a microbiologist. According to Newsweek, FBI documents also stated that Khan, Aafia  Siddiqui’s husband, had purchased body armor, night-vision goggles and a variety of military manuals that were supposed to be sent to Pakistan.

In Pakistan Khan and Aafia  Siddiqui divorced following vehement disagreements over how their three children should be educated. Khan’s family lives in a wealthy compound in Karachi.  According to investigators in Guantanamo, after her divorce Aafia  Siddiqui remarried with Ali Abdul Aziz Ali .

According to the FBI she was an Al Qaeda terror cell member in USA. On 05/26/2004 the FBI issued the Summer 2004 Alert claiming that Aafia  Siddiqui was one of seven Al Qaeda members who were planning terrorist actions for the summer or fall of 2004 in USA alongside other notorious terrorists such as Abderraouf Jdey, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, Adnan El Shukrijumah and others. The source of this allegation was false information deliberately distributed by Khalid Shaik Mohammed and others, through their interrogation in Guantanamo to cause panic in USA. 

On 07/07/2008 the ‘Daily Times of Pakistan”  quoted British journalist Yvonne Ridley that a Pakistani woman had been held in solitary confinement, for years, in the Bagram air base secret jail but her identity remains unconfirmed. She has been nicknamed the ‘Gray Lady of Bagram’. However Yvonne Ridley speculated that she is Aafia  Siddiqui.

On 08/04/2008 USA authorities confirmed the arrest of Dr’ Aafia  Siddiqui in Afghanistan on 07/17/2008. When she was arrested the Afghan police in Ghazni found numerous documents describing the production of explosives. Siddiqui’s papers included descriptions of various landmarks in the United States, including in New York City.

The next day, on 07/18/2008, a party of United States personnel, including two FBI special agents, a United States Army Warrant Officer, a United States Army Captain, and United States military interpreters, arrived at the Afghan facility where Aafia  Siddiqui was being held. The personnel entered a second floor meeting room unaware that Siddiqui was being held there, unsecured, behind a curtain.

The Warrant Officer took a seat and placed his Army rifle on the floor next to the curtain. Shortly after the meeting began, the Captain heard a woman yell from the curtain and, when he turned, he saw Aafia  Siddiqui holding the Warrant Officer’s rifle and pointing it directly at the Captain. The interpreter seated closest to Siddiqui pushed the rifle away as Siddiqui pulled the trigger. Aafia  Siddiqui fired at least two shots but no one was hit. The Warrant Officer returned fire with a 9 mm service pistol and fired approximately two rounds at Siddiqui’s torso, hitting her at least once.

Aafia  Siddiqui arrived in New York on 08/04/2008 and will be presented on Wednesday 08/06q2008 before a United States Magistrate Judge in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. She is charged with attempted murder and assault of United States officers and employees in Afghanistan. All the charges against Aafia  Siddiqui are related to her interrogation after her arrest in Afghanistan and are not related whatsoever to the initial accusations and she was not charged over terror offences. 


* On Monday 11/17/2008, USA prosecution claimed in court that Aafia  Siddiqui has been deemed by US psychiatrists as mentally unfit to stand trial. They have concluded that Aafia  Siddiqui is unable to understand the nature and consequences of court proceedings and cannot assist properly in her defence. The evaluation was performed at a medical centre in Fort Worth, Texas.

 * Aafia  Siddiqui’s trial began in New York on Wednesday 01/20/2010. She was found guilty, by a USA federal court in Manhattan, New York, on Wednesday 02/03/2010, of attempting to murder US agents.  

 * Dr’ Aafia  Siddiqui was not charged with any of the initial suspicions that she was a mastermind of terror but only on charges resulted from her arrest in Afghanistan (see – Siddiqui Verdict).

Dr’ Aafia  Siddiqui was sentenced, on Thursday 09/23/2010, in New York to a whopping 86 years behind bars after she was convicted of trying to kill US military officers in Afghanistan.
** The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – I.S.I.S reportedly, on 08/21/2014, called for the release of  Aafia Siddiqui in exchange for James Foley.


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