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Just two weeks after rumors about his critical condition were distributed over the world media (see – CBS 07.29.08 ), Ayman al-Zawahiri aired, on Monday 08/11/2008, on Pakistan’s ARY television network a video footage in English, a language he abstains generally from using. In the massage Ayman Al Zawahiri called for jihad in Pakistan.

Ayman Al Zawahiri accuses Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf of being “thirsty for money and a bribe seeker,” arguing that he is working to support US and Western interests and that he has committed crimes against Muslims all over the world.

The Egyptian-born Ayman Al Zawahiri says he picked English because he “wants to speak directly to the Pakistani people and chose English because he cannot speak Urdu.”

A. – The video footage was broadcast amide an attempt to impeach President Pervez Musharraf in the Pakistani Parliament and is probably timed to the impeachment process and aimed to the Muslim delegates in the Pakistani Parliament and to Nawaz Sharif’s the PML-N (PAKISTAN Muslim League –N) leader who leads the attempt.

B. – The footage is also directed to disprove the rumors of his supposed critical wounds he suffered from an American missiles attack.   


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