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Three days before the seventh anniversary of The 9/11 As-Sahab  has released through Al-Jazeera T.V Network, on Monday 09/08/2008 evening, a new video accusing Iran of giving way to the USA in Afghanistan and Iraq. The new massage also attacked Lebanese, Pakistani and Afghan leaders.

Ayman Al Zawahiri, Al Qaeda ’s acting leader, and other senior Al Qaeda commanders, focused on what they called the “Iranian-Crusade alliance” saying the Muslim Umma [nation] was being targeted.

In the one-hand-half-hour video, Ayman Al Zawahiri said that the Muslim Umma (nation) was facing a military, ideological and media crusade by the Iranian “coalition”, which had given way to the USA, by letting them invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

Zawahiri also said Hizbullah and its leaders  did not gain victory in the war against Israel in 2006, saying that outcome had been beneficial to Israel. “The most bizarre and astounding thing is that Hassan Naserallah [Hizbullah’s leader] celebrates a victory every year. He accused Lebanon’s leaders of following in the footsteps of Washington and its “agent Arab regimes”.

The video called for a continued Jihad (Holy War) to liberate Palestine and re-establish the Muslim Umma, and denounced the positions adopted by the Muslim and Arab states against the siege imposed on the Palestinians – namely the closure of Gaza Strip’s border crossing points.

The tape said Afghanistan’s government was getting weaker and frailer and that the former Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf, had “swallowed the fruit of his betrayal” by resigning in August.

The video message said the jihad in Iraq was still up-and-running and showed interviews with an Iraqi scholar describing the country’s Awakening Councils, which turned against Al Qaeda and joined sides with US-led and Iraqi troops, as “treacherous”, and “doomed”.

One al-Qaeda leader, Mohammad Hassan al-Liby, aka Abu Yahia Al-Liby (from Libya), also praised “victories” by the Islamic Courts Union ( CIC ) in Somalia, where the network claimed the number of young fighters was surging.

Summary –

* The last footage of Ayman Al Zawahiri was broadcasted on 08/11/2008, less then a month ago (see – Footage 08.11.08 ).

* It is not the first time that Ayman Al Zawahiri lash out on Iran and the Shiites whom he considers infidels (see – Zawahiri 04.18.08, ).

* The footage probably refers to Bob Wodword last book “The War Within”, published just 2 days ago, in which the author claims that there was a secret intelligence deal between Iran and USA which contributed significantly to the success of USA forces in Iraq overcoming Al Qaeda in the last year.

* It is obvious that Ayman Al Zawahiri is informed up-to-date and well connected (see – ZAWAHIRIS Enigma ).     


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