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In a statement issued on Saturday 10/04/2008, a new group describing itself “Sunni jihad group which has nothing to do with politics”, and whose members are “former members of Fatah, Hamas, PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad and leftist parties” founded a new organization “Hezbullah Palestine” to “carry out Jihad for the sake of Allah and resist enemies of Islam.”

Hizbullah in Lebanon already operates groups and cells in Israel such as the ‘Galilee Liberators’, within the Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, such as the group in Nablus fully motivated and coordinated by Hizbullah funding and such are the ‘Resistance Committees’ in Gaza. Hizbullah also trains the Hamas and the PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad with Iranian money.  In fact they are rent-a-terrorist mercenaries. Hizballah also enlists numerous of Israeli Arabs for gathering intelligence.

The Israeli high military command and counter-terror chiefs estimate that Hizballah issued its statement to counter the stern warning from the IDF Northern Command chief, Maj’ Gen’ Gaby Eisenkott, that a new Hizbullah rocket blitz against Israel would bring forth the destruction of Shiite villages in southern Lebanon. They would see a “second Dahya,” he said (referring to the Shiite district of Beirut which the Israeli Air Force flattened in the 2006 Lebanon war).

Hizbullah’s replied, on Sunday 10/05/2008, that Israel was too weak to make war on Lebanon and if it did, would face the same defeat as before.

The new ‘Hezbullah Palestine  Brigades’ is therefore just a new gimmick to describe the real situation that the Hizbullah is deeply involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is determind not to allow any peace process to be agreed on with Israel.


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