A 27-year-old Bahraini Traffic Directorate employee appeared in court, on Wednesday 10/08/2008, accused of joining Al Qaeda, training for combat and helping finance the terror organization. He denied all the charges.

Defense lawyer Abdulla Hashim asked for time to summon witnesses for cross- examination and judges adjourned the case to 11/16/2008.

A National Security Agency (NSA) major told how the security service received information that the defendant had joined Al Qaeda and was supporting it financially.

“We received reliable information that he was supporting the terrorist group financially and that he visited Lebanon, where he underwent military training,” the Bahraini officer said in his statement.

“He expressed his wishes to fight in live combat in Afghanistan to one of our sources…he had travelled to Iran several times to pay the group leaders cash as a source of financial support and he underwent military training there (in Iran) as well”

The defendant was arrested as he arrived at Bahrain International Airport from Iran, in 06/2008 the court heard.

Intelligence sources alleged that the defendant channeled 150,000 euros to suspected terrorists in Afghanistan. Two other men, a Bahraini and a Syrian, are also facing similar charges, but are being tried in absentia.

The other Bahraini man allegedly travelled to Afghanistan to fight in 01/2008 and has not been heard of since.

Summary –

Giving the rivalry between Al Qaeda and Iran, it is unlikely that the suspect was supported by Shiite Iran to Join Sunni Al Qaeda – It is reasonable that the suspect was recruited by the Iranian for terror purposes in general.  


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