14 people have been detained for plotting attacks on the Bahraini capital Manama, Bahrain’s interior minister said, on Saturday 12/27/2008. Sheikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa told reporters that those arrested have been trained in weapons and explosives in Syria and were planning to attack commercial streets, the diplomatic district and night clubs in Manama on the 12/17/2008 national holiday.

Two Bahrainis residing in London, U.K, are believed to be the masterminds and cell’s leaders, he added, according to the AP. The minister said that suspects traveled to Syria as tourists in July and August 2008 and then met with one of the two “masterminds.” “There they received intensive training on making explosives, bombs, how to use them and how to make car bombs,” the minister told reporters.

“This plot is dangerous, not only because it is related to sabotage or aggression but because it is related to training and carrying out terrorist attacks,” he said.

Police stormed houses of the 14 suspects, confiscated explosives, according to the minister who added that all of them have confessed and have given detailed account of their plans. Two of the 14 were arrested early on Dec. 18 and face the same charges.

On Sunday 12/28/2008 night, Bahrain national TV aired a special program showing the group of Bahrainis suspected of plotting terror activities during the National Day celebration that were foiled by National Security.

The suspects confessed in the program of plotting the attacks to promote instability in Bahrain. They appeared on TV confessing and telling details of their plans and previous involvement in illegal acts. Most of them confessed to being previously involved in unrest, sabotage, arson and drug cases and to being arrested and pardoned.

According to their confessions, they have been instigated by two Bahrainis living in London and others living in Bahrain. They were planning to assault naturalized citizens and torture them to spread hatred and chaos in the society, as well as ambush policemen, destroy public utilities and attack commercial malls, markets and hotels.

They also admitted receiving training in Syria on how to make and use explosives and other weapons. They said their confessions were made before the general prosecutor and on air under no external pressure or threats. The suspects who are in their 20s are;  Mohammed Abdullah Al Sharqi, Mohammed Hassan Al Jaziri, Mohammed Khalil Al Mudawib, Mohammed Salman Abdulrasool, Yaseen Ali Mushama, Mohammed Jalil Al Samee, Mohammed Jaffar Ibrahim, Mohsen Ahmed Al Qassab, Fathi Makki Mohammed, Ali Jameel Al Samee, Hassan Ali Fatil, Hassan Jassim Makki and Ahmed Yousif Al Samee.

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