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Indian police have said they have shot two suspected militants after a car chase near the capital, Delhi. Officers intercepted the men’s car in the city of Noida as it approached Delhi, on Sunday 01/25/2009, at 0200 (2030 GMT on Saturday).

The two persons had suffered bullet injuries. They were rushed to the hospital. On way to the hospital, one of them identified himself as Farooq of Akara in Pakistan and his aide as Abu Ismail of Rawalkot in Pakistan. However by the time the two could reach the hospital, they succumbed. The doctors at the hospital pronounced them “dead upon arrival”.

The incident occurred the day before India’s Republic Day celebrations, which are being held amid tight security following the Mumbai Carnage.

AK Jain, head of the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), told the BBC that a tip-off led his officers to chase and intercept a white car with the two men inside. The men are said to have opened fire, but were killed after officers fought back. One policeman was injured in the gun battle.

At a press conference, a senior police officer described the men as “terrorists”, possibly from Pakistan. In their possession, he said, police had found two AK-47 assault rifles, ammunition, five hand-grenades and documents, including a Pakistani passport bearing the name “Ali Ahmed“.


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