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A Sunni lawmaker in Iraq could face arrest and charges over allegations he was involved in a 2007 bomb attack on the country’s parliament an Iraqi military spokesman said, on Sunday 02/22/2009.

Iraq’s Shiaa-led government could now seek to have Mohammed Al-Daini’s immunity revoked after a warrant was issued. The MP was reportedly put under effective house arrest at a hotel in Iraq’s fortified Green Zone.

Alleged confessions obtained from two bodyguards linked Mohammed Al-Daini to the attack, in which seven people died in a parliamentary canteen. Mohammed Al-Daini described the allegations as “untrue and baseless”. “They have the right to say anything they like and I have the right to give my answer,” he told Reuters.

Ina recordings said to be taped interviews with the two bodyguards, , a men in the video recording, named as Riad Ibrahim Al-Daini and said to be the MP’s nephew, gave details of how the lawmaker allegedly helped facilitate the attack on parliament. The attack, on 04/12/2007, killed eight people, among them three MPs.

“The suicide bomber entered parliament with an authorisation paper from Mohammed Al-Daini and blew himself up at the parliament,” the video testimony said. The nephew also accused Mr Al-Daini of involvement in a string of attacks during a bitter period of sectarian violence in Iraq.

“When 11 of Daini’s security guards were killed… he asked militant groups to abduct about 100 people – he wanted 10 people for each of his guards,” Riad Al-Daini said on video.

Mohammed Al-Daini is a Sunni Muslim MP with Iraq’s National Dialogue Front party. He was elected to parliament in 2005 to represent Diyala, a mixed Sunni-Shiaa area which has long been the scene of sectarian violence.

Iraq’s government, headed by Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, is led by a coalition of Shiaa Muslim parties. Supporters of Mr Al-Daini accused the ruling Shiaa majority of effectively persecuting their Sunni opponents, AP reported. 


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